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  1. I had a pretty steep downturn in mid-2017 to mid-2018 where I was doing 1 banner campaign per quarter and switched gears to focus on After Effects and social content. After that year my banner work has come back to make up 40-50% of my work, that's held pretty steady. I notice a trend where tech/product companies have embraced banners and are really doing nice, aesthetic pieces. I do find institutional knowledge is being lost in other departments - creative, producers, account. I have to do a lot more hand holding to sell through or produce a banner. I am a semi producer these days int hat regard. Surprisingly too I don't get asked to do much programmatic or responsive, I mean responsive takes as much time to execute as making 4 separate sizes anyway.
  2. Does anyone on this forum have experience building banners for Criteo? I'm getting incomplete answers from their account team but one restriction is - 'No third-party (outside Criteo Servers) JavaScript is called.' and I can't get an answer if there is a Criteo hosted CDN for Greensock. If anyone out there has experience working with this vendor, please lmk if you're aware of Greensock being hosted on their servers.
  3. Hi all I'm positing on behalf of a producer friend who I have worked with on numerous projects. She works for the creative department of a major tech/hardware company that has ongoing need for an HTML5 banner dev. While I don't have details on budget you should be able to request a rate commensurate for a tech company in a metro area. Note: The job is on site, Playa Vista area. Please email me at matt.severin@motionmixtape.com and I will put you in touch.
  4. Yeah I realize I could do this but it seems like a lot for something that should be easy. Also in my case, it's a vector rectangle.
  5. I'm having a hard time finding the solution to this online. How does one tween width in Animate CC using GSAP? I can get scaleX to work, but I want something more precise.
  6. @Marlon Yeah it's best practice to use at least 2x resolution images if you can fit them, also, tinyPNG is a life saver. @ryanrabon Nice work on that GoPro piece
  7. Is this appropriate to post here? It's not GSAP specific but I don't know any other forum where banners are discussed actively. I've noticed banner work dropping precipitously, for me personally, fortunately I do After Effects and that makes up a bulk of my workload now. What are your experiences?
  8. I'm trying to go to another labeled frame in Animate CC using delayedCall ex. - TweenMax.delayedCall(3, this.gotoAndPlay, ["seq2"]); It fails, is there something I'm missing, I've swapping out the methods and parameters and am having success, for example - t.delayedCall(3, console.log, ["hello"]);
  9. Ha, totally, and that is exactly the same as as2. Thanks for being a set of eyes.
  10. I can't seem to find anything for this online. I want to run a tween on multiple instances named with a number convention, like so (I'm using a syntax that I remember from the as2 days) - for(var i = 0; i < 40; i++){ t.from(this.["myInstance"+i], 1, {scaleX:0, delay:i}); } But I don't know how to replace this.["myInstance"+i] with the proper canvas syntax.
  11. Hey all, lurker-sometime-poster, I've recently become freelance. Much of my work is driven by GSAP, certainly the banners are - http://matthewseverin.com/ hope you like.
  12. Regarding Animate CC converting text to shape. Can Animate embed a desktop font and use its characters (as shapes, or whatever) to display dynamic text? The way Flash could?
  13. Yeah, totally, I have the Adobe suite. Oddly my same reason for not using Animate is time. I have a very specific workflow that is very fast, and I don't have a strong urge to explore others (major exploration over the past 2 years have brought me to my current workflow). At the same time I don't want to ignore the mentions I'm seeing. The real, real reason I'm skeptical, at least for personal use is... When I first got into banners/Flash I found resizes to be tedious when using timeline animation. I took to GSAP because I was able to recycle coded animation into resizes way faster than readjusting timeline animation. Resizes went from hours to an hour or less in many cases. I ported that workflow into my hand coded HTML banners. I can do resizes super fast because I barely have to change anything other than my dimensions (of course there are other tweaks but 4 out of 5 times I don't have to do much). Also, I use grunt and npm so I don't have to go outside my dev environment to compress images, make spritesheets, etc. So, I'm not interested in Animate from a timeline animation pov because I've completely forgone timeline. Conversely integrating GSAP into Animate, to me, is pointless because I'm already coding and don't see the advantage of adding another application into the workflow. I also assume I can make a smaller banner in k size, by hand coding vs coding in Animate. Is this perception wrong? I do understand that Animate provides a stage to work on, but I often don't need a stage. I don't have to position my assets in CSS because I make all my assets the same dimension as the banner (except special cases, like if I need to spin a wheel, etc). And I can do automatic spritesheet generation with spritesmith. Please note, I'm not complaining about CC or others' workflow, I just wonder what the advantage is, and how common it is to use in the industry. I'd learn it so that it didn't preclude me from a large chunk of work.