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  1. the link it's always the same? http://www.greensock.com/as/LoaderMax/slideshow.zip ? it give me the same error... 1151...
  2. tnx 4 u r answer no, i'm on pc. now i try u r changed fla and let u know...
  3. i've try to execute the fla but gimme 3 error in slideshowexample.as, on row 35-36-37 with a conflict with the definition of progress_mc, arrowleft_mc, arrowright_mc. why?
  4. works great!!! TNX!!!!!!!!!! :D
  5. sorry, i'm trying and searching in forum but... nothing! i've a mc1, mc2, mcX that appear with timeline.append( new TweenLite(mc1, enter, {alpha:1}) ); timeline.append( new TweenLite(mc2, enter, {alpha:1}) ); timeline.append( new TweenLite(mcX, enter, {alpha:1}) ); @ the end of this need to start a little animation (stopped in timeline with) mc_animation.stop; and here there isn't problem... searching help, in http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/_timelinelite.html i've found: "...myTimeline.gotoAndPlay("myLabel") will skip to wherever "myLabel" is" so i've try to: 1) add label "go" in the "mc_animation" timeline 2) in parent timeline add timeline.gotoAndPlay("go") publishing don't give error but... simply... mc_animation. DON'T START!!! where i wrong? ...tnx...
  6. i've try to see if can change it alone... but i must advantage of your kindness... i work with cs3...
  7. replace .jpg with .swf isn't possible, right?
  8. hope this 'll be a little help for someone beginner like me! it's a little mc slided from 2 btn (with tweenmax classes) and masked via as. data in mc can be changed in mc timeline.
  9. nothing to do... same error... 1) i've add "Main" in class document in property panel 2) wrote "import com.greensock.events.*;" in timeline 3) save the file in the same position of "Main.as" correct?
  10. don't know what's i wrong! i add "main" in a new fla saved in the same path, but publishing it give me this 1046: Type not found or is not a compile-time constant: LoaderEvent. refered @ imagechanger.as @ row 51
  11. tnx! i'll try! hope that my as3 knowledge don't leave me know!
  12. really great xmas gift! but need flash higher than cs3?
  13. hi, for first happy new year to everybody! there's a "myBtn_left" that move for every click another mc "myMc": myBtn_left.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, moveleft); //<---tried wit CLICK, MOUSE_UP, MOUSE_DOWN, nothing function! function moveleft(e:MouseEvent):void{ TweenLite.to(myMc, 1, {myMc.x - myMc.nmbr_1.width, ease:Sine.easeOut}); } i need an exact step for move "myMc", but if click really fast the mouse, this don't happen and seems like something's wrong on tweenlite... but... what's really wrong? tnx!!!