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  1. Is there an alternative and more lightweight code to get similar results to drawsvg animation?
  2. GSAP is loded from a cdn. I got permission to out up a demo site. http://steven.punkdigital.ee/e-ehitus/html/ I am using TimelineLite in conjunction with drawsvg. If there is some other way to define the drawsvg it would help alot.
  3. Hello I have debugged the problem to occour when I add TimelineLite. On page load the whole page stutters for five seconds, time is consistent on every load. While its stuttering no other items are loading in and even page scroll is stuck. Total freeze. When stutter ends the timeline animation starts. What can cause suck stutter? gsap version 2.1.2, jquery version 3.3.1
  4. Animation I want: A dot fades out, fades in. Then another dot at some random other location does the same Animation currently get: All of the dots fade out in random order then fade in in random order. how I have to set my timeline to get the animation I want?