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  1. Hello! First of all, I love greensock, absolutely love it, so thank you for sharing with the world. Now, I have a movie that uses many different timelines (4 so far). All these timelines have their own unique name, naturally. One of the timelines is a rotation of image transitions that appear in a gallery. It is on an independent timeline but doesn't seem to start until 5-6 seconds after the movie starts, whereas it should be starting immediately. It also pauses way too long on the loop. I have noticed that the animation in this gallery timeline begins at the same spot relative to the other animations having. Even the loop waits until this strange time-spot is hit in one of the other timelines, and then begins playing. Can anyone provide some advice? I'm willing to answer any questions or display my code (running 347 lines now, so maybe its entirety cannot be reasonably displayed). Thank for any help! -3.0 Ronin