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  1. I think that my "flash banner" problem has the same issue, just for swfs (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4196) and because of the wrong height sets the scrollrect etc. wrong thus causing the weird banners. rawcontent.height (eg 116.65 instead of 100) is off for swfs. images and videos have the correct values though. also happens with crop = false and any scalemode. dont want to post an example here, where can I send you the url to?
  2. Sorry, 80 was a typo. 60 is correct for 468 and 80 for 624. Problem might be that we want to use it for a plugin for the longtail video player so there is no fla We are using Flash Builder 4 but I doubt that there might be an issue on the compilation level? All the other Loaders work exceptionally great, the SWFs also show up it's just that they are shrinked or have dimensions way off. Would Screenshots help a bit?
  3. Hi, we are evaluating LoaderMax and are extremely satisfied so far. Every Loader works like a charm. But we have a problem with the SWFLoader and Flash Ad Banners. A typical Flash Banner has its content in the middle with the same distance to the top and bottom so I assumed that something like var swfurl:String = "http://......./banner.swf"; _swfContainer = addChild(new Sprite()) as Sprite; _swfLoader = new SWFLoader(swfurl, {name:"myVideo", container:_swfContainer, scaleMode:"proportionalOutside", crop:true, bgColor:0xff0000, width:468, height:80}); _swfLoader.load(); with crop and proportionalOutside would perfectly display a flash banner. But it doesn't. The area is created @468x80 but the banners just wont fit. Some are cut in half, others are shrinked etc. They all have different issues though the code is the same. I downloaded a couple of different flash banners from the web done by other people just to test and they all have the problem that they don't display properly. So my guess is that I am just missing something very very obvious?