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  1. You guys rock! All my stuff now works great - many thanks! I have a mac style menu with little code thanks to tweenMax, i love it! Cheers for the quick forum replies too and Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi all, Got an issue with using tweenmax. I have a play() function on a case of btn being clicked but nothing happens! no errors just nothing! But when I have the function in a separate function (alone) it works. Any thoughts? the idea is to mimic a mac menu so mouse over - enlarges icon and mouse out - icon returns to original size. I was hoping to use a switch to reduce code. Help woud be very much appreciated!!!! here is my cde var buttonTween1:TweenMax = new TweenMax(btn1, .5, {scaleX: 1.5, scaleY:1.5, paused:true}); var buttonTween2:TweenMax = new TweenMax(btn2, .5, {scaleX: 1.5, scaleY:1.5, paused:true}); btn1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, overBtn); btn2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, overBtn); function overBtn(e:Event):void{ switch(e.target.name){ case"btn1": buttonTween1.play(); break; case"btn2": buttonTween2.play(); break; } }