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  1. I am running greensock animations within a WebView in an android app and I am getting random "choppi-ness". After running tests, I am suspecting that the frame pace of the Android app and the pace of the greensock timeline are out of sync. This may be causing an animation to last longer than a frame and causing jumpiness in the animation. The GPU performance is showing that the animation frames are taking less than 16ms to render but still a visual chop to the animation. Has this ever been explored? I could be way off base for the cause of the chop but I have done "force3D" to force it onto the gpu and I am certain the code is right since it does clear up in a normal browser, however, there isn't a significant change in the Android WebView. https://developer.android.com/games/optimize/frame-pacing
  2. Thanks for that change, that is much smoother on the troublesome Mac OS'es as well. Thanks for the explanation of the change as well. I looked at the FAQ's to file a bug and they seem to just point to this forum. Is there any other tips you can give me to file it as a bug?
  3. I've got a Pen that animates & functions great on Firefox & Safari across the board. It does great on Chrome on Mac OS 10.11 and Windows 10. But it falls apart (laggy animation, flickering of individual rays and/or rectangular segments of the animation, and even the Codepen interface itself starts to lag) on the exact same version of Chrome (Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on Mac OS 10.12 and 10.13. Any ideas?