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  1. Correction -- this is actually happening to any element with a preset z-index and transform matrix applied via fromTo() or set(). I know you'd ideally like a link or codepen to see what's going on, but the material I'm working on is sensitive for the time being. However, it launches today so I could provide a dev link tomorrow if needed. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I'm having some issues on iPad with GSAP setting my scaled animation elements to z-index 0. This only happens if you set the initial value of the scale. I tried with scaleX and scale. I also tried adding a delay between a TweenMax.set() and a TweenMax.to(), but the same thing happened. Here is an example of one line that has the issue. This element is position absolute with a specified z-index of 2 to begin with. TweenMax.fromTo($label, 0.3, {opacity:0, scaleX:0.1}, {opacity:1, scaleX:1, delay:0.4 + d, ease:Quint.easeOut}); I appreciate all you've done with GSAP, and I hope you can resolve this bug! Thanks, David
  3. Ohhhhhhhh. Oh. OHHHHHHHH. I never knew duration was read/write I'll give this a whirl in a little bit once my other code stops exploding.
  4. Yay! Is there documentation to this addition? I'm snooping around the API Docs and I'm not sure where you put it... Thanks!
  5. Hey, thanks for replying guys. I was hoping that changing the duration would have some algorithm for compensating for the time difference... so, say, you were 50% of the way through a 2 second tween and changed it to 4 seconds, it would then take 4/2 = 2 seconds to complete the last 50%. updateTo already has the option to reset the time... I assume this doesn't reset the entire tween, so it's effectively changing the last, say, 50% of the tween to go at a different rate. It seems natural that you'd be able to change, the duration. No? The problem with making new tweens instead of changing the duration of them is that it also resets the easing. So you get visual stutters instead of just sped up smooth completions. You could imagine many situations where you have a slow moving object that you'd just like to speed up depending on an action, and this would be awesome for that. And by the way, if that's you Jack, I love your platform! I've been using it for years and I've converted many other developers to see the light
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to change the duration of a tween mid-tween? I'm not seeing much in the documentation or around the interwebs about this (but maybe I'm blind). It would be an incredible feature for game development and the like so we could use fancy eases with dynamic movement. Thanks! David