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  1. Imao thats awesome. I originally thought this was just a joke but nope XD
  2. For some reason my reply isn't showing lol. I'll try again: "Damn, I didn't expect that. Looks perfect, thanks! I'm guessing that you have at least a few more of these unofficial helper functions floating around here on the forums. Maybe they could be bundled together and given a dedicated space in the documentation? "
  3. Is there a plan to add a FLIP helper in GSAP? (Going by OSUBlake's definition) It would be neat to have instead of having to manually implement all the steps, that is: Record current position/values. Change to end position. Play a .from using the recorded position/values.
  4. Ok cool. And thanks for the idea! (just kidding of course)
  5. Cool! So just to clarify, it would be alright if I just shared the minified file on npm for free? That is, the minified file of the whole app with the bonus functionality, not just GSAP. I don't think anyone would ever go through the time to decode all of that haha. The end user would just install it via npm and use it as is. If they want to fork it and change the functionality, they would have to either be a club greensock member, or opt to use a different animation package. They wouldn't be able to extract the bonus plugins and use it elsewhere since it would be compiled along with the main app code.
  6. I was wondering how things work when using premium gsap features, like the ThrowPropsPlugin, in free and open source projects. For example, if I were to create a todo list component in vue that uses ThrowProps, would I be able to share it freely online? Obviously I wouldn't share the source files. They would probably be listed as external dependencies on github, but when distributing them on npm? Is it alright to just share the compiled code with the ThrowProps functionality?
  7. Sorry for the late reply, guess I missed it! It's mainly me just being lazy. When people like me wan't to know something, they expect it to be hand delivered to them. People don't know what they want until you show it to them! Maybe when people visit greensock.com, the features of GSAP could be clearly demonstrated with in-browser examples, sort of like how animejs does it, but better. Keep in mind most people aren't like me though haha. And thanks for pointing me to the template file, I'll check it out!
  8. Yeah sorry, not the best with words haha. http://draggable.impaction.cc/ (Just for illustration, no source code. Use chrome / chrome mobile) It's a basic card flick setup, so you can flick the screen up and down, and the draggable will do the rest. On mobile it's not a problem, since you would flicking with your fingers anyways, but on desktop you would have to click and drag, which is unnatural. What I want to do is to allow the user to use two finger scrolling on their trackpad to emulate the flicking experience. Imagine your monitor built into the touchpad; you would just use your fingers to flick just as you would on mobile. Am I making any sense? My current plan is to just read the scroll event and use those values for translateY( ), and then finally fire a throwprops tween at the end.
  9. I thought this was a pretty straightforward question, so I didn't make a demo. Lmk if it would help. Anyways, I'm wondering if there is any recommended way to simulate dragging a draggable with throwprops+snaps using two-finger scrolling on a laptop trackpad. I don't want gesture detection, but instead want to real time control of the draggable, just like how it would be if you were to drag on a mobile device. So far the only method I've thought of is to directly read the scroll event and use those values to create a throwprops tween and update the draggable at some point so that the snap settings take effect. I'd also have to figure out how to cut off scroll values created by any client side inertial scrolling shenanigans.Later on I'd also want to figure something out for a standard mousewheel as well. I know the easy way would just be to use scroll-jacking, but that makes for a terrible user experience. Any ideas?
  10. Oh, and just curious, other than club greensock, do you guys accept donations?
  11. Thanks for the excellent, quality response. Really appreciate it! I originally asked this question because I'm starting a new project which heavily relies on animation throughout all it's core components, so I want to make sure I have a solid animation platform to work with. After some more research, it's clear that gsap is the best option here. There's really quite a lot to greensock that I was never even aware of till now, which is great! And like you said, these forums are super helpful and have saved me some headbanging in the past as well haha. Now, for some reason I have the impression that there's a standard way to write your own plugins to use with gsap, I think I've read something about it on the forums. Is there an API available to do this, or will I just have to end up reading through the source code? If not, I think this would be a great feature to add to the club greensock extras!
  12. Thanks for the positive response! I've gotten tired of getting downvoted and turnt down on stackexchange over and over again, so it's refreshing to see some enthusiasm for vague questions like this. After going through anime's documentation, I've realized that the timeline functionality is a little weak compared to gsap. That's one of the main things holding me back right now. And you make a good point about robustness, gsap has been super reliable for me so far! I was mainly impressed at how much anime seemed to improve with the recent update, it seems to be gaining a lot of popularity right now. Looking into the future I figured it would only keep getting better. That being said I'll definitely be looking forward to the new update. The plugins in this library are always stellar! Are you guys planning to release any new features for club greensock members?
  13. Not sure if this type of post is acceptable here, but worth a shot anyways! So i've recently been flabbergasted by the new version of anime.js, along with it's new website: http://animejs.com Impressed by the amount of visible progress it's been making recently, I am thinking about making a full switch to animejs. As much as I enjoy using GSAP, I haven't really noticed any visible development or innovation in the library for quite a while now. My main requirements are complex animations (mainly object property based), timelining, callback scheduling, and passing around tweens between different scopes. Can anyone here give me a quick overview of the benefits of GSAP over the new anime? I'm mainly interested in features, robustness, and flexibility over performance. Feel free to remove this post if this isn't appropriate here, but I know how great the support is on this forum so I decided to give it a shot here before going to reddit.