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  1. Codepen html is a bit unorganized, sorry. I did a lot of flash, still thinking in nested timelines, and want to reproduce this structure with GSAP. My main point is, that it was told impossible to have nested svgs with different rotation on elements/group but I found out that it is possible. "However - If you end up nesting an SVG inside another one you will not be able to transform the nested root SVG element (for now)." from here: 12th post from top
  2. Hi there, i would like to have some reliable, understandable svg-nesting method, ready for dynamic x/y-shift and rotation. I am trying to get some results, still without centerpoint manipulation (brain not ready yet, sorry). I found out that its possible to shift groups very well with <svg> parents, and to rotate groups better with <g>parents. If you play with the example, please try to start over and change order of manipulation. You will see, that centerpoint gets fixed at the moment of first-time object-rotation. Since it deals with nested svgs, i hope my explanation sounds not too complicated.
  3. ? after cleaning up blocking extensions and removing "content blocking" in safari settings everything works like a charme, thank you! I think i'll join the club...
  4. Thanks for your reply, codepens didn't go very well either, with many black examples. But Opera does good so far and it looks much like a messed up browser (lots of anti-tracking and other minor issues). Franz
  5. Hi there, i am looking for a powerful and reliable animation framework, (did flash for 10 years) especially responsive and highly SVGs, for web production. Looking at your page with Safari 12.0.03, there is not much animation happening here, compared to Firefox visit. Did i mess up my browser? Does Greensock support Safari at all? I would appreciate very much some really critical views on that topic. regards, Franz