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  1. Thank you very much for clearing that up and thank you all for your assistance. I did not realise those tools where not avaailable in the JS version . Best Regards Peter
  2. Thank you very much for your help ,much more than i expected. With respect to the morph svg plugin this would then make the code a lot simpler ,how many steps would the code be reduced to . Would it then be similar to the AS3 script ? I have many paths need to animate ,looking at away to make the the easy to manipulate as some paths need to be turned off and others on inside the movie clip (AS3 allows this functionally) ,this is dependent on the operators selection. Thank you your time BRG Peter
  3. Thank you for your reply Some i see there but cant find the distribute to path function seems only in AS3 not listed in JS docs. Can this be done in in JS GASP ? Regards Peter
  4. Dear All I have been recently using AS3 in Adobe Animate to create engineering systems simulations the main thing I use is Tweenmax to animate a path flow .As AS3 is on the way out I would like to the same type of simulations with Tweenmax JS ,but I cant seem to find the same script there . Here is my code in as3 As it is a fairly long code list I will show a small part with the type of actions I would like to achieve. first i create a path var hydbpath1:LinePath2D = new LinePath2D([ new Point(683.45,478.45), new Point(703.45,478.45), new Point(703.45,120), new Point(790,120) ]); then I create an array and populate it var hydbp1:Array = []; for (var n:int = 0; n < 12; n++) { hydbp1.push(createCircle(trvmc,5,0x2310E9)); }; Then I distribute the array to the path hydbpath1.distribute(hydbp1, 0, 1, true); Then I add a tween var myTweenhydb1:TweenMax = new TweenMax(hydbpath1,10,{progress:2,repeat:-1,ease:Linear.easeNone}); I change the visibility of the path hyd1path1.visible = false; Add it inside a empty movie movie clip Object(this).trvmc.addChild(hyd2path1); hydbpath1.visible = false; add a button start_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN,begin); function begin(e:MouseEvent){ trvmc.visible=true myTweenhydb1.play(); }; create my circle function createCircle(myCircle:MovieClip,d:Number,color:uint=0xFF0000):Shape { var circle:Shape = new Shape();// The instance name circle is created circle.graphics.beginFill(color, 1); circle.graphics.lineStyle(2, 0x000000); circle.graphics.drawCircle(0, -0,d); circle.graphics.endFill(); myCircle.addChild(circle); return circle; } I can change the visibility of the circle path follower buy changing the visibility of the array itself for each (var obj9:Object in hyd1p1) { obj9.visible = true; } I have been searching the docs ,can find some things like create the path but other things do not seem to be available or are performed differently. Very new to JS trying to migrate any help appreciated. Thank you for your time peter
  5. Dear All thank you for your time ,I am working on a path flow project using tween max . Is there a way to set the visibility of all the path followers to zero on initial start ,as in "TweenMax.pauseAll();" like TweeMax.visibility=0; and then convert the visibility of the tween max path follower to 1 visibility using a button. Been searching for this cant seem to find anything. I can do it by making the main movie clip that all the tweens reside in visibility=false ,last time i used mask to cover the paths just wanted a more eloquent way of doing it. Thank you Spycatcher2018