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  1. vektor

    SEO and GSAP

    "But, you could choose to execute/not execute certain scripts based on the reported user agent. User a server side script to put a class on <html> And then use the presence (or not) of that class as a hook in your script." Interesting, I will have to test this
  2. vektor

    SEO and GSAP

    Anyone found a way around this splittext indexing issue? About to start a new project & don't want to not use splittext...!
  3. Ah yes didn't come across this one, looks promising, will have a read, thanks!!
  4. Hey! So I have a timeline loop that should loop infinitely, each new timeline has a negative offset to keep the loop from having a gap at the beginning of each timeline I can achieve the desired effect by adding the same timeline with negative delay multiple times ( lots of timeline.add(anim(), "-=3") ) But for some reason today I can't wrap my brain around how to do this nicely? I have tried various things, negative repeatDelay, onComplete set time() / progress(), but none of them quite work. Something like 2 timelines and the second one loops forever sounds like the right way to do it? Please look at the codepen and all should be made clear, on each 'repeat' of the master timeline there is a gap Thank you in advance ? I'm so sure it's something really simple that I'm overlooking!?!
  5. Found the fix! This animation is within a Magento 2 project, which uses requirejs for everything, I switched from jQuery's $(function() {}) doc ready to require js 'domReady!' and the bug is not happening anymore So now looks something like require(['jquery', 'TweenMax', 'CustomEase', 'domReady!'], function ($) { // ANIMATE ? });
  6. Hi, there's a strange bug I've been coming across and not sure how to fix, it only happens very occasionally, but does always happen eventually if you keep refreshing. Seems like it's something to do with a wrong 'xPercent' calculation? I'm animating every svg elements y position from bottom to top, fine Then I am animating some elements to 'wiggle' their x and y positions. Sometimes the x axis seems to be wrong and they move much too far I originally thought the problem was because I was trying to animate the wiggle from the start, at the same time as moving everythings 'y' position. But I delayed any 'y' position animations until the first 'move up' animation was finished Funnily enough I can't seem to get the codepen to reproduce this bug... Making me think maybe it's network related, something trying to calculate before the svg is fully loaded...? Anyone seen something similar before, any idea what's going on? Is there a less troublesome way to achieve the same effect? I tried using 'x' instead of 'xPercent' but this made a jump in the animation and also xPercent is preferable as the image resizes a quite lot Thanks ?
  7. Note I copied and pasted line 10 and it contains an invisible "\u00bb" character that may break things
  8. Still an issue for me unfortunately Update: Applied the style to the element specifically (I had a couple of spans inside a h2) and it helps! ? ( Still a little jump but luckily not very noticeable :)
  9. vektor

    SEO and GSAP

    One of the sites I am working on has fade in animations and uses css .animin{visibility:hidden} and then TweenMax.set(".animin", { visibility:"visible" }); to stop flash of content before the javascript is loaded. I can confirm that this text is currently NOT being indexed by Google. (The other non-animated pages are fine) I will try adding a <noscript> style to see if that helps! Will post the results Anyone else had experience with this issue? Update: test1: I added the <noscript> style and now googling text from the page in quotes returns the correct page. The only thing is that there is no bold highlighted copy in the SERP preview, it just shows the meta description. Not sure of the implications of this? test2: Removing the .animin class from the text returns the correct page when searched, no SERP bold preview text I'll wait and see if test1 results change Update2: I can confirm that text that has been 'splittexted' is not being indexed. I have used this, I assume that will help onComplete: function(){$splitTxt.revert()} Update 3: Any SplitText text is still not indexed in Google, even after an onComplete:revert(). Anyone else come across this issue before?
  10. @OSUblake awesome ? Ooh, "_gsTransform", nice!
  11. Aha! Yes fixed thanks How can I get this updated non codepen only version?
  12. Ah silly, yes I missed the 'codepen only' bit Fixed here
  13. Cool Did some more tests, removed the tweens from the loop in case that was causing an issue. Also tried removing tspans, still the same result ( codepen below )
  14. Hi, I have a small issue with the Scrambletext plugin using the wrong lengths for the text ( in an SVG ) Most of the strings start scrambling with too many characters, it also still happens if I define the 'text' parameter Can't work out why? Is there a workaround to force a specific length? Thought it may be to do with the tspans, but I experimented with removing some and it didn't seem to make a difference ?