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  1. @Rodrigo Yes, I guess that was my initial confusing question in that I realized that with react-router I would have to be managing the mounting and unmounting of each image and I didn't know how to put all of it together. I haven't used the location object from the API before so I think that will definitely be helpful. Thanks again!
  2. @Rodrigo This was really helpful thank you! Sorry for the initial question, I was a bit overwhelmed with everything I want to achieve. Essentially my goal is to create something like the cards codepen you made as a demo. My reason for using react-router is that I actually wanted each image to update the url as in I would load an initial page at the endpoint /cards as an example. Then as I'm going through the array I was looking at each card having it's own separate endpoint like /cards/1 and /cards/2 . I realize now that this might be more of a react-router question.
  3. Hi! Looking for some pointers as to how I would achieve this animation in react with GSAP/React-Router/React-Transition Group. Rather than killing a tween I'd like to have it still visible and clickable which would start the slide and expand animation. I've found this codepen helpful but I'm a little stuck on how to keep the other images visible. this animation is what I'm hoping to achieve with each click changing the endpoint. Thanks!