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  1. Hello!

    I started with D3 and then greenshock.

    Then I tried Phaser but I find it very difficult to mess with.

    They have not tutorials for new comers.

    The gameMaker studio is pricy.

    The Pixi.js is also something like phaser I think and they change the editions quickly so one can lose his steps.

    Now I am trying to learn the Godot engine where it looks like they are plenty of tutorials and it is somewhat easier to follow.

    I am between the interactive png animations and something like small games.

    Have you any idea to propose?



    gsap always esier and most funny!

  3. Hello Sahil! The book you told me its great! I have to thank you! I am reading slowly and for the firs time I can tell that I can understand some things about small games! I have made a new pen! If you know any other book about small games (javascript) I would be thankfull to tell me about! https://codepen.io/makis2404/full/QVLjjV/
  4. Thank you very much Sahil!!!
  5. What is the code for collision detection in this pen? Between the rect and the wall? I have tried several things but I cant find it. Btn on.mousedown => rect goes down Thanks
  6. Thank you very much! It is very good!
  7. I want the svg rect to go downstairs on.("mousedown",goDown) May be something is required that I don't know well. Thanks.
  8. I made my 3rd mini game. It is built on timelines not on handlers. I had to write a lot of code, with the same things again and again. So is there something for that? Thanks.
  9. Thank you very much Craig!
  10. Thank you guys for your help. Point C and Carl especially. I am going to have a look at your best informational articles and videos! In the meantime I have finished my second mini game! You can have a look and tell me your comments! Thanks!
  11. I can read It now and It is simple and I can understand It. I think It is a perfect pen for helping me with my pen. Thank you very much.