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  1. Wow, thank you for such a quick response. This is exactly the solution that I wanted to achieve! I did not think that one TimelineLite can be called twice without overwriting the previous one! For now, I know everything that I need and I am going to take an animation along the SVG path Thank you for this very nice welcome and support. It is not often that such a positive community is found.
  2. It's m first post here so i'd like to say hello. I have been learning to use greensock mostly for banners and it's awesome I wonder if I can set the animation time based on labels instead of duration in seconds. I want the pink box to start to animate on the "startPink" label and end up on the "endPink" label(start with blue boxes and end with yellow) without setting duration in seconds, so that I can freely change the times of the animation or the position of the labels. But there are a few problems that I hope you can help me solve: 1)Is there an option to do this within one timeline? 2) I set delay equal to "labelTimeSTART" time but it start before previous animation ends. Why? I could not find a solution, so I apologize in advance if the solution is in another post. And sorry for the poor English