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  1. Hello All, if I have a timeline, that has 4 tweens for different elements, can I state that reversing it will have a different tween properties for one of the tweens? For example: I have 3 divs alternating x ([700px,-700px]) with cycle. I want to make is so that on the reverse, they will alternate using y (y:[700px,-700px]). Is it possible to define a different from/to properties only for the reverse method? Thanks!
  2. Perfect! Thanks a lot, @Carl! Isn't 0 the default value for the position parameter?
  3. Thanks @Carl, but if you have a close look, there's still a delay for the last letters, until they enter the next animation. Is it possible to achieve the same behavior as my example (no delay for any of the letters) using timeline? Reason I'm asking is because I want to reverse it at some point... Thanks!
  4. So I ended up using two tweens: Is this the correct approach? could it be done with a timeline?
  5. Hello all, I have this Codepen: You'll notice there is a slight delay between the two tweens for each cube animated, because it waits for the entire animation to finish before moving on to the next animation. Is there a way of telling each cube that has finished to move on to the next tween? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply, @Jonathan, I've already come the the conclusion it's not a bug, after looking at my compiled scss, but this causes somewhat bloated code: I know, in MY specific case, that there's only one element with that selector, and that's the one I'm targeting. In my opinion, giving the plugin a jquery-like behavior would benefit lots of users, while keeping the current behavior intact Also, the fact that CSSRulePlugin can only support one selector is also somewhat cumbersome, and a separator for multiple selectors would be greatly appreciated
  7. Some more tests: I've replaced: pseudo = (selector.charAt(0) === ":"), With: pseudo = (selector.indexOf(":") > -1), in the CSSRulePlugin.js (momentarily, of course), and it seems to work for all levels. I KNOW it will target ALL elements with the ".level_number:before" selector, but for my use it's suitable. I'd suggest adding another parameter to the CSSRulePlugin.getRule - "loose (true/false) - default false" and switch between those lines As for multiple CSSRulePlugin elements tween, I put them inside an array. Since CSSRulePlugin returns an array, I then used flatten on the resulting array.
  8. So... I figured out the problem, although I'm not sure if it's a CSSRulePlugin bug, or just the way document.stylesheets work. I just changed: CSSRulePlugin.getRule(".level_number:before"); to: CSSRulePlugin.getRule(".header .level_number:before"); I'd think the inner div selector should work by itself... I've also verified the first example, if I put a wrapper around it, both DOM and scss, getRule doesn't work for it.
  9. Hello all, I've been having some issues with CSSRulePlugin, hope you can help me figuring out what's wrong I have these two codepens: You can see the first one works fine by finding "before" and "after" pseudo elements, but the second one returns undefined for getRule... Am I doing something wrong? ? Thanks!
  10. From looking at the demo, I can only assume he would like to limit the dragging of the letter to the area of the back area...