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  1. Perfect, thanks Jack. Very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have a similar-ish issue here. From the documentation: INIT events which are dispatched when the loader finishes loading the XML file, parses its contents, and creates any dynamic XML-driven loaders. What I need is some way to get to the XML before it's contents are parsed. I want to do this so I can replace variable scattered throughout the XML. e.g. In my structure.xml > In my locale.xml locale/common/swfs/main_assets.swf I need to access the structure.xml and swap out the mainAssets variable for the mainAssets url contained in the locale.xml. Anything jump to mind? Many thanks, -T.
  3. Jack, you're a legend! Thank you very much for your help, that worked a treat. Your commitment to helping people out never ceases to amaze, cheers bud. -T.
  4. Yes, traces would be fine. It would be pretty straight forward to create my own util that handles that, as you suggested, so don't worry about it. Thanks for you help! I have a new issue though, it might be best to create a new thread but I'll add it here for now, let me know if you'd prefer me to move it somewhere else. I'm getting: SecurityError: Error #2142: Security sandbox violation: local SWF files cannot use the LoaderContext.securityDomain property. when I try to load an asset swf through an xml SWFLoader with it's context set to 'own'. I'll be grabbing assets out of the loaded swf with getDefinitionByName. Can you point me in the right direction please? Cheers, -T.
  5. Hi, What I mean is that I didn't activate VideoLoader in my code, LoaderMax.activate([xmlLoader, SWFLoader]);, so when I added a VideoLoader to the xml it didn't load. What I was asking, is if you try to load something through a loader type you have not activated, will it just silently skip over that loader, or is there a way to pick this up? I hope that makes a bit more sense. -T.
  6. That does indeed. Bit of rookie error I'm afraid, the in the test I had set up I was using a VideoLoader as the child that would fail, without actually having the VideoLoader enabled in the code. Is there a way of catching that? Although I'm pretty sure I'll remember it from now on, but perhaps some sort of verbose debugging feedback? Also, what you said about skipFailed makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing that up. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly too. -T.
  7. Hi, I'm just getting to grips with LoaderMax. It's another amazing tool, as always. I have a similar question to the one above. I have a a LoaderMax with a few loaders in it's queue. One of those loaders is an XMLLoader, which contains another LoaderMax node that's set to load automatically. Is there a way to detect a CHILD_FAIL event from the LoaderMax contained in the xml, as it doesn't seem to work?! Also, does skipFailed work recursively, that is if I set it in the top most LoaderMax would it pick up a failed asset in a nested LoaderMax? Thanks in advance! Please see my code below for reference. var loaderMax : LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({onComplete: onComplete, onProgress: onProgress, onError: onError, skipFailed: false}); loaderMax.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.CHILD_FAIL, onError); loaderMax.append(new SWFLoader('main.swf')); loaderMax.append(new XMLLoader(xml/main.xml')); loaderMax.load();