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  1. Hi all, Desperately in need of some help and advice if possible please. I'm a designer, yet HTML, coding and Adobe Animate are all very new to me and I have an important deadline looming large with no solution in sight. So the issue is, I've created a bunch of ad units in Animate as I had no coding experience, these all work fine except for one (big) issue I can't get the video content to play. I've added a video component and added the URL into the source section. Yet I keep getting the error message (NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound : Adobe Flash tried to play a live or recorded stream that does not exist. Source can't be found.) Yet the video seems to be included in the banner as when I publish it, then right click on where the video is supposed to be, I can right click and open video in new window, it then plays in the new window. Likewise if in the component source I upload it locally from my desktop this plays in the published banner fine. I just can't work out why its not playing from a URL link? Any help would be massively appreciated...