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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't considered that idea. I think in that case tho, a jump would still take place to some extent. What I had in mind is: the image-item after being clicked - could then tween to the center of the screen during the forced reset. because the doc height reset happens so quickly - I could, as part of the click event, tell the window.scrollTo(0, 0) and possibly avoid the jump. really im just trying to mimic (in a very hackish way) what this portfolio site does on its project menu page http://alexandrerochet.com/ check out the page right after the intro - then click on a project to see the effect. its pretty slick I think.
  2. Now I have to figure out how to get around the page jump when I remove all but one image - Any Ideas? I was thinking maybe wrap the image-item in a div on.click and that could some how cushion/prevent it from shooting up and out of the screen abruptly...
  3. Thanks man, I was in the mud on that one. guess, I'm off to my next headache ?
  4. Yes, I am trying to force it to - but with a click event
  5. forgot to add this piece to... this._update = function (currentTime) { if (currentTime === void 0) { currentTime = performance.now(); } var elapsedMS = currentTime - _this.lastTime; if (elapsedMS > _this.maxElapsedMS) { elapsedMS = _this.maxElapsedMS; } var deltaTime = elapsedMS * _this.targetFPMS; var dt = 1 - Math.pow(1 - _this.scrollEase, deltaTime); var resized = _this.resizeRequest > 0; var scrollY = window.pageYOffset; if (resized) { var height = _this.target.clientHeight; document.body.style.height = height + "px"; _this.scrollHeight = height; _this.viewHeight = window.innerHeight; _this.halfViewHeight = _this.viewHeight / 2; _this.maxDistance = _this.viewHeight * 2; _this.resizeRequest = 0; }
  6. Hey Sahil, thanks for the reply. The effect im looking for is already built-in Blakes code - its an event that fires whenever the browser window is resized or scrolled. Im basically trying to trigger that same event when I click on something. The scenario is, I have a 4 images - I click on one and the rest set to display:none. When only 1 image remains, the .scroll-container height does not update. However, when I manually resize the browser window, the scroll-container height updates and then so does the scroll position below are the event functions Blake defines this._onResize = function (event) { _this.resizeRequest++; if (!_this.requestId) { _this.lastTime = performance.now(); _this.requestId = requestAnimationFrame(_this._update); } }; this._onScroll = function (event) { _this.scrollRequest++; if (!_this.requestId) { _this.lastTime = performance.now(); _this.requestId = requestAnimationFrame(_this._update); } };
  7. Hey Blake, I know its been a year since you posted this scrolling parallax example, I really like it and I've been trying to figure somethings out. Mainly, how to update the 'scroll-container' height when I remove one of the image-items dynamically. I'm using your example as a menu - and so when an image is clicked, all other images are set to display:none - but the parent container height remains the same - just as when all the images were there. How can I trigger the scroll-container height to update to fit the one remaining image-item? Hope you can help - Thanks
  8. Hi Sahil, I was trying to expand on a codepen that you did called "Draggable with Snap" and would love some help, if you could (Ive linked to your codepen below) . Question(s), How can I assign an 'active' class to whichever the current slide might be? And just one other thing :), I'd like to add new slides on the fly, so I made a button that appends a new slide instance to the #slider div - and it shows up in the console - but, not in the slider with the other slides. Ive been having a hard time with this and would greatly appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks!



    1. Sahil


      Hi Jesse,


      Seems like you attached my pen. Here is how you can add active class to a slide, check code added in setProgress function,



      To add new slides, you need to reselect slides in jQuery so the new elements will be selected. You need to recalculate the sliderLength to accommodate the added elements and you need to calculate the x translate of the '#slider'. Basically you need to do what I am doing on resize event.


      If you have anymore questions please post them in the Forum where others can see it.

    2. JesseShugart


      Thanks so much for your help, Sahil.

  9. Hi Carl, I just purchased the 'Shockingly Green' membership for a project that I'm working on with one other developer. I'm wondering if the other developer on my team will be able use the code? Will we need to share an environment or can we both work independently? What all can you tell me about this?



    1. Carl


      HI Jesse,


      Thanks for asking about this - it says a lot about the type of developer you are (honorable). You’re exactly the type of customer we love to serve! 


      Shockingly Green is meant for individuals (a single developer), not to be shared on a team.


      In order for multiple developers to use the bonus plugins you will need to upgrade to a Business Green membership.


      The standard “Business Green” memberships are broken down into 3 general buckets - “Single Developer” ($150/year), “Up to 5 Developers” ($500/year), or “Up to 20 Developers” ($1,500/year). If you have 2 developers, then the "Up to 5 Developers" option will work for you.


      Our entire licensing model (which youcan read about at http://greensock.com/why-license/) is based on the honor system and a simple number-of-developers pricing structure. We don’t require that you “register" each person or project, nor do we inject “phone home” scripts that report usage or suddenly cause things to stop working if your license expires.


      We extend respect to our users and trust that it'll be reciprocated. Thus far, it has worked well. We’ve been doing this for a decade now with no plans to stop. 


      I’m pretty confident you’ll find that the license pays for itself very quickly when you consider the time it saves you, the added capabilities, performance, reliability, etc. Typically our customers find that it pays for itself literally in a matter of days (or weeks at the most). But if you’re not happy we’ll gladly issue a full refund. We’re passionate about having happy customers around here. 


      Thanks again for asking.


      Happy Tweening!



    2. JesseShugart


      Thanks for the quick response, Carl :)

  10. Hi Sahil, I don't know if you're the guy to ask, but, I just purchased the 'Shockingly Green' membership for a project that I'm working on with one other developer. I'm wondering if the other developer on my team will be able use the code? Will we need to share an environment or can we both work independently? What all can you tell me about this?




    1. Sahil


      Hi Jesse,


      @Carl and @GreenSock can comment on any licence related queries. They would be notified as I have tagged them but you can message them directly or post in forum just to be sure they see your question. 

    2. JesseShugart