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  1. Thanks, really great point, I've just updated above to fix that
  2. Thanks so much everyone! All of your ideas came together to help make what I needed This forum is really great. I hope to learn enough to give back Kevin
  3. @PointC and @elegantseagulls, Thanks for the help! I'm almost there: However, even though it seems to be following the path, it's not adjusting the path to match the viewport width. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi, I'm unable to provide a Codepen as I haven't figured out how to start this yet. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: 1. On scroll (ScrollMagic) when the element comes into view, the sun comes in from the left 2. It follows the path and sort of lingers at the top-center for a bit (will use ease SlowMo for this) 3. Continues to go off the edge of the screen on the right as the element scrolls up and out of view 4. As you scroll in reverse, the same thing happens in reverse Definitely not asking anyone to do the work for me, but hoping to get pointed in the right direction on how to approach it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Ah, thanks @Sahil! The reason I thought you couldn't do this is because when animated with CSS transforms, one will overwrite the other if they're not all in the same property. Loving how powerful this is. Thanks again
  6. Hey everyone, it's my first time using GSAP and I'm stuck. I'm trying to run separate animations on one element at the same time. However, each animation has a separate duration and easing. Animation 1: transform X & Y from -100% to 0, over 1s, ease in-n-out Animation 2: transform rotate from 45 to 0, over 2s, elastic I can make this work by having the element inside a wrapper, and applying the effect on the wrapper and inner element separately, but at the same time. But is it possible to do these both on just the single element? Thanks in advance!