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  1. Thanks for your fast answer I will try with poins you've mentionned in particular the keyframes I'm actually doing tests with different framerates ans ips on may videos I'll tell you the results, and otherwise i'll try to post as classes as i could but it's part of a huge project
  2. Hi, Sorry for feedback to you so late, but it was benefic to me because when reading your post again i've noticed that you said "I saw the video every time" Did you mean that you've only tried launched the videoplayer from nothing every time or did you try to seek it, i mean i don't have any problem to see the video if it isn't already running. The problem is really when I use the method "gotoVideoTime()" if the value is from 0 to 3 while the video is already running I'm not sure i'm clear, let me know if it isn't I've also made a discovery with the video format For exemple i've checked the video informations with VLC and found this (both are encoded in H264) - with a "vid_24 - gotoVideo0_Works.mov" video (see flv_infos.png) : the video stream is at the position 0 (actually it's a .flv file, i've only change the extension name in .mov) - with a "vid_24.mov" video (see mov_infos.png) : the video stream is at the position 1 Just to remind the pb that i have is on only on the video stream i always listen the audio stream in each case from the posotion i've given with the gotoVideoTime method Hope you could help me with those new informations I'll try to post a sample on a webserver in order you could donwload it
  3. Thank you for your answer Actually i'm not really allowed to put the video i'm using online for download. But it's not the problem because i've got the same result with any other video, so in order simplify things i tried an other thing: - I've downloader the trailer of TRON (the movie) from apple trailer http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/disney/tronlegacy/ (see the Tron_DL.jpg file to see witch trailer i chose) - i made to swf that play from 0s and 30s (by changing value on line 20 in the .fla) The first swf (gotoTime_0_sample.swf) doesnt work, i mean i've got the sound by still not the pictures, i only see the Stage background (white). But the other (gotoTime_30_sample.swf) does work well Can you tell me if it's the same for you
  4. Sorry but the video is a bit heavy and the forum server doesn't accept it i think, that's why i didn't attached it first... Here is a "cleaned" version, you'll see in the screen shot that it's MP4 encoded Hope you could see where i'm mistaking
  5. Ok did you have the time to check out my files ? I've done many tests but still have this problem thanks
  6. Thx for your answer, here is a file. i let you change the link of the video, on my side i use a .mov file
  7. ... i forgot to say that i use it in AIR
  8. Hi, I found a pb in the VideoLoader Class When i try to use the method gotoVideoTime where time=0, the video seems to play but there is a black screen, only the sound play... Am i doing something wrong ? private function updateEtape(e:VideoRecetteEvent):void { trace("updateEtape", "etape:"+e.etape) // maj VideoPlaylist if (_playlist.etapeAct != e.etape) { _playlist.etapeAct = e.etape; _playlist.etapeCheck(); } trace("_playlist.etapeAct:"+_playlist.etapeAct) // maj VideoEcran _ecran.controls.etapeAct = e.etape; _ecran.ecranPlayer.gotoVideoTime(e.videoPosition, true); } ... public class VideoRecetteEvent extends Event { public static const COMPONENT_READY:String = "component_Ready"; public static const UPDATE_ETAPE:String = "update_Etape"; public static const CONTROLS_SEEK:String = "controls_Seek"; public static const PLAYLIST_CHANGE:String = "playlist_Change"; public static const PLAY_PAUSE:String = "play_Pause"; public var etape:Number; public var videoPosition:Number; public function VideoRecetteEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean=false, cancelable:Boolean=false) { super(type, bubbles, cancelable); } }