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  1. OK, so further testing confirms that if any other widget which also imports greensock loads ahead of mine that's when the fail happens. So your theory about the namespace being hijacked seems to hold true. I had a look in the Publish Settings and the only two settings I can see are the Local Playback Security (currently set to 'Access Local Files Only', other option is 'Access Network Only'), and Protect From Import (currently unchecked) which then asks me to input a password. Other than that is there anything else I can do to force my classes to use a specific version of greensock to make sure the TweenPlugin plugins load and function correctly? I don't have access to the source files for the other widgets so I can't alter them in any way.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll do some more testing and look into the overwrite and sandbox options.
  3. Excellent, thanks Jack. It's probably a more general question anyway given the circumstance. I am creating a complex HUD widget mod for Skyrim, which (and I must have done something very bad in a past life...) uses AS2/Scaleform. I am importing TweenLite, TimelineLite, Easing, FramePlugin and DirectionalRotationPlugin for use in various animations. In testing on a load order with relatively few other mods absolutely everything works perfectly, so I know there isn't an issue with the code anywhere or with the plugins. However, on certain heavy load orders the functions which rely specifically on FramePlugin or DirectionalRotationPlugin fail, the animations just don't happen. At the same time tweens which do not use them continue to work flawlessly. I am logging the correct arguments being passed, the tweens just don't run. So I am just after an understanding as to why, in very specific circumstances, those plugins would fail. I didn't think it was possible for the contents of my swf to be affected by the contents of any other loaded by the game? Is it possible if another unrelated swf which uses GSAP is loaded by the game there could potentially be a conflict? As an aside question as well, what is the maximum duration I can pass for a tween? By that I mean is it possible to tween to over say 1800 seconds for an incredibly slow animation?
  4. I appreciate the flash versions are now unsupported, but where can I ask a question about plugins for TweenLite not working in some instances? Feel free to delete this if no support is available, otherwise let me know and I'll post further details. Thanks.
  5. @CarlThanks for the reply. Yeah, I am well aware how archaic it is now but it's what I'm stuck with unfortunately! I only posted in the hope someone would take a quick look and say "You can't use "if" statements inside a TimelineLite construction" or you can't call .to and .fromTo on the same object at the same time, or anything similar. I'll keep experimenting and see where I get!
  6. I have been using TweenLite in my Actionscript 2.0 project (it's a HUD widget mod for Skyrim which still uses AS2!!!!) with great results. I have now begun to incorporate TimelineLite timelines and see great potential but am running into a few initial problems which I have no doubt are user error (I am not a programmer, just a hobby coder) or lack of understanding of the fundamentals. Allow me to post a couple of snippets to highlight the main issues I'm having. Firstly: //Create the animation timeline //Fade out and shrink the icon tl.to(iconClip, 0.2, {_alpha:0, _xscale:0.25, _yscale:0.25, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0) //Fade out the name .to(nameClip, 0.2, {_alpha:0, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0) //Set the new icon and name whilst not visible .call(updateIconAndName, [itemIcon, itemName, sIcon, sName]); //Update the potion and poison colors if needed if (iSlot == 3){ tl.call(updatePotionIconColor, [sIcon]); } else if (iSlot == 4){ tl.call(updatePoisonIconColor); } //Fade and scale the new icon back in tl.to(iconClip, 0.2, {_alpha:currAlpha, _xscale:currScale, _yscale:currScale, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0.3) //Finally fade the new name back in .to(nameClip, 0.2, {_alpha:iNameAlpha, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0.3) .call(startNameFadeTimer, [nameClip, FadeDelay]); //And ACTION! tl.play(); In this example the initial fade out works but the scale doesn't, the nameClip fade out works, the updateIconAndName call works and then the fade/scale back in on the two clips works. However the two calls in the middle are never added if one or other of the conditions are true, and the final call to startNameFadeTimer also doesn't seem to be being called. Or possibly it is and there's an issue with the startNameFadeTimer function which uses TweenLite.delayedCall(): public function startNameFadeTimer(nameClip: MovieClip, FadeDelay: Number): Void { TweenLite.delayedCall(FadeDelay, tweenWidgetNameAlpha, [nameClip, 0, 1.0]); } And the other issue I am having is with the following code: public function ProModeAnimateIn(shoutEnabled: Boolean, backgroundsEnabled: Boolean, toScaleLB: Number, toAlphaLB: Number, toRotationLB: Number, toScaleLI: Number, toAlphaLI: Number, toRotationLI: Number, toAlphaLN: Number, toScaleRB: Number, toAlphaRB: Number, toRotationRB: Number,toScaleRI: Number, toAlphaRI: Number, toRotationRI: Number, toAlphaRN: Number, toScaleSB: Number, toAlphaSB: Number, toRotationSB: Number, toScaleSI: Number, toAlphaSI: Number, toRotationSI: Number, toAlphaSN: Number): Void { var tl = new TimelineLite({paused:true, autoRemoveChildren:true}); tl.to(leftPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaLI, _xscale:toScaleLI, _yscale:toScaleLI, ease:Elastic.easeOut}, 0) .fromTo(leftPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationLI - 120), _rotation:toRotationLI}, 0); if (backgroundsEnabled == true){ tl.to(leftPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaLB, _xscale:toScaleLB, _yscale:toScaleLB, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0) .fromTo(leftPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationLB - 90), _rotation:toRotationLB}, 0); } tl.to(leftPreselectName_mc, 0.3, {_alpha:toAlphaLN}, 0.3); if (shoutEnabled == true){ tl.to(shoutPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaSI, _rotation:toRotationSI, _xscale:toScaleSI, _yscale:toScaleSI, ease:Elastic.easeOut}, 0.2) .fromTo(shoutPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationSI - 120), _rotation:toRotationSI}, 0.2); if (backgroundsEnabled == true){ tl.to(shoutPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaSB, _xscale:toScaleSB, _yscale:toScaleSB, ease:Quad.easeOut}, 0.2) .fromTo(shoutPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationSB - 90), _rotation:toRotationSB}, 0.2); } tl.to(shoutPreselectName_mc, 0.3, {_alpha:toAlphaSN}, 0.5); } tl.to(rightPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaRI, _rotation:toRotationRI, _xscale:toScaleRI, _yscale:toScaleRI, ease:Elastic.easeOut}, "-=0.4") .fromTo(rightPreselectIcon_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationRI - 120), _rotation:toRotationRI}, "-=0.4"); if (backgroundsEnabled == true){ tl.to(rightPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_alpha:toAlphaRB, _xscale:toScaleRB, _yscale:toScaleRB, ease:Quad.easeOut}, "-=0.4") .fromTo(rightPreselectBg_mc, 0.4, {_rotation:(toRotationRB - 90), _rotation:toRotationRB}, "-=0.4"); } tl.to(rightPreselectName_mc, 0.3, {_alpha:toAlphaRN}, "-=0.1"); tl.play(); } First off again the fade works but the rotation/scale doesn't, and none of the stuff supposedly being added to tl inside of the if statements works. If anyone can give me any pointers on any of the above I would be most grateful.