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  1. Hello Carl, Thanks for the swift reply. Sure, I can add the CDN code to any page in Webflow, however the CustomWiggle part of GSAP is only downloadable, so would I just inject the code from the files since I cannot upload a .js file to webflow?
  2. Hello everyone, I've been using Webflow for my projects recently and need to be able to use GSAP along with the bonus content from the "Shockingly Green" plan (specifically CustomWiggle) in a project. Has anyone successfully implemented GSAP along with the Club Bonus content in a Webflow project and if so, how? Thank you.
  3. That would be it Mikel! Thank you so much! ?
  4. OSUblake did a great codepen over on this thread showing how to replace ScrollMagic with GSAP. Thanks OSUblake! I have a question about this particular process. How would you go about making the box in this codepen example stay in the center of the screen for the duration of the animation instead of it moving up or down with the scroll?
  5. Carl, Thank you! Going through the thread you referenced showed me that I don't need to use ScrollMagic at all. I'm still working on implementing this method into my Angular 6 project, but this has me moving forward, so thank you. Thanks to OSUblake for this codepen mentioned at the end of the above thread which demonstrates doing the same thing that ScrollMagic does with only GSAP.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here and new to GSAP (just signed up for Club Greensock last week). I am working in Angular 6 and am trying to animate things based on scroll position. I tried using ScrollMagic, but cannot get it to work in my Angular 6 project no matter what I try. Is there a solid and easy to understand step by step tutorial somewhere on how to use ScrollMagic in Angular 6? There are some posts here and there, but the steps are not clear. I can't be the only person struggling with this. I'm not dead set on using ScrollMagic as long as I can make something animate when the user hits a certain scroll position. I would add a codepen, but I'm not confused on how to use GSAP or ScrollMagic, it's just the adding of ScrollMagic to my Angular 6 project or animating based on scroll position some other way within GSAP. Thank you for any help you can provide. Oh and thank you for Greensock, it is incredible.