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  1. Oh okay, thanks! I figured it out. There was a nesting problem. For some reason the top level contained an XMLLoader and nothing else, which then contained all of the SWFLoaders. Thanks for your help!
  2. What exactly do you mean? You can certainly insert() loaders at a particular index (although if you define an index that's greater than the number of children, the index will be adjusted down automatically) and you can getChildIndex() to find out what index a particular loader has in the LoaderMax instance's queue. Does that answer your question? Say I want the loader at position n, is there any way to get it if I have only 'n' and the queue? I haven't seen any obvious way...
  3. Well is there any way to numerically index into the LoaderMax queue? If not then I'm not traveling down a productive road anyway
  4. Sorry, the path is the url for the SWFLoader. The returned object for getLoader() is not null and it traces out as where both the name and the url are as expected, so I think it is getting the SWFLoader.
  5. This is essentially what is happening to me: var _queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler}); _queue.append( new XMLLoader("test.xml", {name:"test",noCache:true, estimatedBytes:"22000", onComplete:xmlCompleteHandler, onFail: xmlFailHandler})); _queue.load(); var currentSwfLoader:LoaderCore = _queue.getLoader(String(path)); //path is the url for the SWFLoader if (currentSwfLoader) { var index:uint = _queue.getChildIndex(LoaderCore(currentSwfLoader)); trace(index); //it is 999999999 var nextSwfLoader:SWFLoader = _queue[index]; } So the trace returns 999999999. Clearly the LoaderCore object isn't being found in the LoaderMax object even though I pull it directly from the LoaderMax object and determine that it exists (I have also traced it out). I need to get the SWFLoaders immediately following currentSwfLoader and so I am trying to get the index and then bump it up to get the next few. Will that work? Is there a better way? There seems to be no way to get a LoaderCore based on an index Either way getChildIndex isn't seeming to work. Thanks for your help!