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  1. Hey guys, all day I've been trying to find a solution to the animation choppiness on retina display (most noticeable in Chrome, though present also in Safari/FF...) - when I move the window from MB Pro 13" display to my external 24" screen (1920x1200), it's all smooth... ? I know that transforms of full-screen images ain't ideal, but they're compressed to about 200kB each (1920px by 1920px) - besides that, even when I use smaller images (720px, about 50kB), the problem persists. I've tried swapping the divs with background-images for regular imgs, but no luck there... Also I've rearranged the timeline to eliminate as much simultaneous tweens as possible... CSSPlugin.defaultForce3D = false didn't help either whereas turning it on (true) seemed to help a tiny bit, as well as disabling the easing by TweenMax.defaultEase = Linear.easeNone. The thing is I came across several posts regarding the "retina issue" but no solution unfortunately. Video demonstration here: https://youtu.be/HieVenfcsWI (screen recorder makes it worse than it actually is - non-retina is 100% smooth, retina is a bit smoother) Code here: http://ideup.cz/krouzek2 (there is nothing else but ScrollMagic with GSAP) Any ideas would be really appreciated Thanks a lot!