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  1. am_

    How´s that made?

    Thank you both!
  2. am_

    How´s that made?

    Hey, I´ve seen that site in the newsletter and was wondering how that splitted video scrolling effect was made? https://antoni.de/ In the dev tools all I see is this <li> element with class "slideshow__item". Where does the splittng happen? Is it a canvas element that I cannot see? Thanks for helping!
  3. Is TweenLite.to(curSlide, 0.5, {left:"-100%"}); slower than TweenLite.to(curSlide, 0.5, {x:"-500px"}); ?
  4. A big problem is, that i don´t have access to the server where the problem exists. It works perfectly on the server i uploaded it to, so debugging is quite difficult ... :/ Thanks anyway
  5. Hi, i got this strange issue that only appears in a special server environment. First i thought it´s because of gzip compression, but with gzip deactivated, the problem´s still th same. The loader stops at 101% in IE8 or at 4,3,2 % in Chrome. any idea what could be the reason? BTW: it´s an older project that uses version 1.44. could an update solve the problem? is it a known bug maybe?