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  1. Hm, that seems way more complicated than what I was hoping for, I just want to tween a thumbnail image in a grid into a full screen white box... Maybe better to use a white div underneath the image and then just fade it out so the white box shows up. And I'm not using canvas at all, simply tweening divs. In AS3 this was super simple, so guess I just I assumed it would be in js as well. At least there's other solutions. Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to simply tint an image using the colorProps plugin... colorProps:{tint: 0xffffff, tintAmount: 1} This doesn't seem to do anything... Am I missing something simple? All the examples I can find use Pixi or some other library. Is that necessary? I just want the image to tween to full white...
  3. Thanks! I'll definately be using the console in chrome more. I had been using the dev tools for checking css stuff and selection, never noticed the console button... Here's one I just ran into just recently though. I was adding auto complete on a search field for a db query and forgot the div symbol # in the dom selector on the js that loads the results back to the page. ie $('q_name_cont').autocomplete souce[] etc I ripped apart the whole db query logic for 20 minutes trying to figure out what was going wrong, and in the end it was only because I forgot the # and everything else had been working fine... I just loaded it back up and did it again intentionally to see if the console in chrome would log it, but it doesn't show up as an error or anything. I'm having little trouble with rails and sql but i keep getting gotcha'd on js.
  4. Hey Carl, Thanks for the info. Overall I've transitioned over to ruby on rails and backend, mostly because I really dislike the lack of error reporting of javascript. Maybe there's better tools for that now, but with rails it feels like I can just make anything, and in the long term I can actually build out an idea rather than working for clients forever. But that's a whole'nother story. When I was first starting out with jquery a couple years ago I got extremely frustrated because something I thought should work didn't, and more often than not it was because I misspelled or mis-targetted something. And I had no way of determining THAT was the problem. The page would load and look normal but the javasript just wouldn't work with no flags or errors on line 65 type of info. Are there better tools for that kind of stuff available now?
  5. I have a animated marquee thing I built a few years back for a client who now wants it working on ipads etc. I used timelinelite and tweenlite for everything in AS3, and now that I'm researching into more tools the createjs toolkit looks promising, but doesn't seem to recognize any actionscript. Forgive me if it's a obvious question/answer, I haven't been paying attention for the last couple years... It seems that it should be reasonably easy to take my TimelineLite tweens and port them using the gsap js, no? Where do I start? Does it require editing the JS file after exporting from the createjs toolbox? And I apologize for the simplicity of the question, I'm just looking for a start in the right direction of how to convert the file easily. If I have to re-create them all from scratch in JS I'll probably just tell the client I don't want to take the project on.
  6. Gotcha, fully appreciate the work! I'm new to the concept of haXe, and haven't made the leap into it yet, but is the idea that with it I could compile to either swf or javascript, while also compiling for windows / mac / andriod / ios etc without re-writing anything? I don't have a pressing need to do that exactly, but it sure sounds great. Especially if I can carry over all my tweening platform experience... Maybe a good first dip would be porting over some of the absolute basics in tweencore, if I can possibly figure it out!
  7. Any progress on this by chance?
  8. Unfortunately it's also limited to flash8 and AS2.
  9. Working on a few slow and small distance tweens where I need to have a blur effect on some text. Doing so forces flash to cache the text as a bitmap and as such it cannot display on in-between whole pixels, like x=1.25 etc. So there is a very noticeable jagged stepping to the motion as it slides from whole pixel to whole pixel. The blur effect is necessary to the client and it is a banner so I'm running into filesize limitations which prevent me from blurring it in Photoshop and bringing in the asset as a bitmap... Is there a work around for this?
  10. Would it be possible to use liquidstage's liquidarea to layout columns? The size of the area would determine how many columns could fit, and you could say split a textfield into 3, 4, 5, or more columns depending on the size of the liquidarea? Just thinking of an idea and seeing if it's already been done.