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  1. Sorry, but I still cant get it to work..let me try and explain it a little better and see if you could possibly help.. i have my loader : var loader : LoaderMax = new LoaderMax( {onComplete:loadComplete, onProgress:loadProgress, onError:onError} ); loader.append( new XMLLoader( xmlPath ,{ name : "mainLoader" } ) ); loader.load() xml: I would then like LoaderMax to instantiate these loaders from within the xml and load all the assets before completing, problem is i cant prepend the urls if i set the " load " parameter to true, it also doesnt seem to work if i create a new loader once the xml is parsed and target my "assetLoader" within the xml then activate load. The example you gave me didn't seem work, perhaps as i have different data loaders within the LoaderMax node which stops this from working. Also once the xml is loaded within the example provided, how would i have set the onComplete function, i tried doing this via LoaderMaxVars but it did not work. ideally i would like to pass through the xml and the prepend url, then have each loader within the xml instantiate itself and load all the assets before calling the onComplete function with all the assets ready and loaded. Please let me know if this is not clear enough, i have tried so many different ways but cant seem to work out if this is possible. Obviously i know i can load the xml then cycle through the url nodes then pass these through to another loader instance, but i was hoping that using LoaderMax this could be automated. Thanks, hopefully there is a solution.
  2. Thank you very much... that's great! I thought that would be the case, I just wondered if the prependURLs could be used before the XML was parsed and just use a single load. Thanks for answering so quickly.
  3. Hello... ok, what i am trying to do is load in assets using Loadermax, I am defining the loaders in the xml file to be created dynamically, but because the url for each loaded asset is dynamic and defined at runtime, i cant seem to find a way to prependURLs from the loader class. is there anyway to do this, or do all the prependURLs have to be defined in the xml and are static? I just wanted to know if this is possible, rather than going through the loaded xml then creating a new loader to load in further assets. Hopefully someone is having a similar problem. thanks