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  1. Then I have some work to do.. I'll be back sir.. Thanks for all of your help
  2. If I were to purchase TransformManager AS3, does it include AS2? Or are they separate from each other? I know I'll get around to updating my code to AS3 (once I learn how to..) But I would like to get around to integrating TransformManager. Thanks for the info.
  3. I'm using AS2 solely because thats what i've found the best examples for what I'm doing online. My copy of flash is actually CS4, so I could definitely be using AS3 instead. Not sure how much of a pain it would be to change from AS2 to AS3 (if i needed to do so to make transformmanager integration easier?) Looking closer at the product page, I notice that it specifically says AS3... Also.. This may be answered somewhere on your website, but I've yet to find the answer: What is involved with integrating your code? Is it a process of importing your libraries or how do i actually "add" it to my flash cs4 development program. thanks
  4. The current iteration of my code is as follows: var myMC:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("mc"+i, _root.getNextHighestDepth()); mcVar = "mc"+i; //this works referencing the clip as _root.mcVar pictureVar = fileRef.name; loadMovie("ftp location omitted"+pictureVar, _root.mcVar); //increment i +1 to load the next picture in a MC i++; This is currently how i am loading pictures that have already been uploaded by a user. I'm sure you can tell they're being uploaded to a movie clip. Would I have to go about changing the method that I am loading pictures to use the TransformManager? Sorry about my lack of knowledge when it comes to flash, but I normally don't use it very often. This is a large undertaking for me, which is what makes the TransformManager so appealing. (it's less that I have to code myself)
  5. Hey everyone, Sorry if this is too much of a un-researched question that I'm about to ask, but I'm looking in many many places for a solution for what I'm trying to do: I'm trying to develop a "design" studio for products where someone can upload their own pictures and add their own text boxes that are then resizeable and able to be manipulated/rotated etc just like the TransformManager demo demonstrates. How difficult would it be to create a file where the user can select to upload a photo, and once the photo is uploaded, it is automatically able to be manipulated by TransformManager? Thanks for any help/insight that anyone can offer. Would like to get an idea of what is in store before I go ahead and drop the extra $300 for the TransformManager.