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  1. @Sahil Thanks for your reply mate! This was my first thought, however this will only trigger once the main div (.tweener) comes into view, I would like the animations to start as each item comes into view...
  2. Hi All, Hoping someone can help with this issue I'm facing. I am controlling the TimelineMax progress based on scroll position. Pretty simple, however I noticed that my tweens are running for the entire length of the page. This is because I am currently calculating the percentage with age-old `window.scrollY / (document.body.clientHeight - window.innerHeight)` What I need help with, is figuring out how to start & finish the animation when the `.tweener` div in my Codepen example enters the viewport, to when it reaches the bottom of the viewport. I also don't want to use the behemoth that is ScrollMagic Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers