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  1. oh I forgot to mention that the play progress remains at 95% it doesnt reach the 100% and thats pobably why it just dont fire the Video_Complete event... but why is the thing...
  2. Hi I dont really know if this has to do with loadermax but this is what I am doing A is a video B a SWF C a Video D an image Load = A|B|C|D it plays A and in the meantime it preloads B|C|D C is a video of only 5 secs and the buffer property on the loader is set to 10 as soon as the interaction of B is done it kickstart video C to play Now the behaviour of that video is: It fastForward the video so if its of 5 secs it shows the content in only 2 secs some how not firing the event for the videoComplete... If i place a long video then its fine, I wonder if this has to do with loaderMax and the time it takes to sort itself or something I mean Im trying to eliminate every possibility.. Thank you Adriana
  3. Yes thank youuuuu I think this Loader is the best!!! and not only because the code is brilliant but because the support is fantastic!!!
  4. Thank you I will try this!!! now I have a question I have like an MP3 Asset which I load on a LoaderMax using a Mp3Loader and then I get that MP3 loader and ask it to play, now if I do this play twice in different parts of the application I cannot get it to play dont know what would this be but if I lest say Load the same asset but with a different name it then works... its like if with the same name that doesnt work... but with different names it does... Is it maybe that when its played you need to rewind it to play again? or something? As usual I'd appreciate your reply thank you!!!
  5. Hi I have a question with the Video Loader I have a Loader Max into another Laoder Max which contains a VideoLoader... When I get the Video Loader from all the load of the LoaderMax which its in, I would like to change properties such as the height and width but any option I give like using videoLoader.vars.width: 700 It doesnt accept it.. I had to preset those values at the creation of the Video Loader like on the vars, but I would like to change it later on for some otre values as I have like a factory of VideoLoaders and some videos will maybe need to have different dimensions... Hope you understand this question I mean hope I made myself clear.... I couldnt get it working I'd appreciate it
  6. Ok i'll see when should i unload... as in my application i dont know where the user will go until it goes there and its a must to present the user the view as soon as he/she enters on it, so im preloading upfront... I dont know if u know what i mean... Have u ever had to do something similar? what would u recommend? is there an option for the loader to recognize when something loaded already has not been visited for a certain period of time and then unload it?... Another question is... do you have an example of a video player for the video loader? i would greatly appreciate it... Thank you
  7. As im new to this loading and preloading I always load load load but never unload... what is the consequence of this? is there some best practices around loading and preloading? thanks
  8. Hi im just wondering if there is any way I could figure out a guesstimate of how much time is left for the loader to complete loading... I would like to display this on screen like a count down. I'd greatly appreciate if someone knows thanks..
  9. Yeah you were right I was checking against a subloader... sorry By the way if I do this 1. LoaderMaxA.load() 2. LoaderMaxB.append(LoaderMaxA) 3. LoaderMaxB.load() if the LoaderMaxA hasnt finished loading but I append it to the LoaderMaxB and then say to it to load, will that open new threads or something that will actually load LoaderMaxA as well? I mean at the same time 2 loaders will be loading LoaderMaxA? Thanks Sorry and one more question: is it possible to set the buffer of a VideoLoader after It has been set on the vars properties? like I dont use the vars class cos i dont know how to I place the vars when I create the VideoLoader object...
  10. Sure thanks now I did a trace on my progress of those values but look at this: Why is the load time always 0? when it has passed some time? but as soon as the buffer is full then it starts changing this value? One thing I noticed is that the status is 0 which means that the LoaderStatus.READY therefore thats why it returns a 0... but why is it ready if its loading something? i dont understand sorry... Also Im prioritizing this loader with prioritize(true);
  11. Please forgive my ignorance but which units will this return... I couldnt find on the docummentation what does the LoadTime return... sorry I mean I dont know how to interpret this information
  12. I dont know if this question applies here but I'll give it a try... I would like to know if with this tool is there anyway to detect the bandwith of the end user as I would like to preload more when the connection is slow and preload less when its fast... Does anyone knows how to do this and point me into an example? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  13. Hi I'm wondering this, I have a video and I'm loading it but it only plays when its completely loaded. Is there anyway that I can say like : -video load and when you reach 60 secs of video u can play but keep loading on the background??? I would appreciate an example around this, thank you
  14. Yes thats right!! It worked without the loader, I think that when using the Flex component, the component just displays the content but it doesnt access the data therefore displaying the content does not have any effect on security violation, so maybe I believe the loader its accessing not only the content but the data of the file therefore there is the security violation... Thats the only explanation I can think of... I dont know...