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  1. Ah, I didn't search hard enough... looks like there is some prior art on this: Similar question:
  2. Ah I see! I was changing each individual tween's time scales. For my particular application, each of these tweens have different durations, so unfortunately, I can't scale the whole thing...
  3. I was just trying that! It appears to suffer from the same effect (start times do not change, and the parent timeline does not expand/contract). I was hopeful for TweenMax.updateTo, but it appears that can only update `vars` and not duration... Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  4. Thanks @Shaun Gorneau! Pending a better solution, I'll give this a shot. I'd rather not clear the timeline since there's a mix of other tweens... maybe I can try swapping it out afterwards.
  5. Problem I'm noticing some very strange behavior when I'm updating a timeline's children tween durations. This is problematic for instances where I need to set the duration of the tween after initialization. e.g. an audio clip needs to download before knowing what the desired duration is. Observations The codepen demonstrates this. I construct 10 tweens at 0.2 duration each to a timeline (2s total). When I update each of the tweens' durations to 0.4, several unexpected things are observed: 1. Parent timeline only goes to 2.2 2. The tweens become "choppy" with overlap. It appears that only the last tween expands the timeline, but an interval of 0.2 is still placed between each tween. How can I correct this after updating the duration? Thanks!