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  1. Hi @omarel ! Thanks for the reply, yes your solution is also close to my requirement. Thanks again.
  2. Hi @Shaun Gorneau ! Yes, that'll help, Thank you so much.
  3. Hi @Shaun Gorneau ! Thank you for the reply and your code works perfectly but actually, I have some advance animations in one of my projects and I tried to make a simple example in the codepen. I want to do it with timelines like I want to play TimeLine1 while opening the menu and TimeLine2 while closing it. Please see the menu of this site https://designcanada.com/ how its menu animates and while closing, it animates to the other way. Thank you very much for the support.
  4. I'm trying to toggle a menu with different animations while opening and closing. The animation plays for only once and after closing the menu, it doesn't work again. Can you please help?