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  1. Wonderful....now the playProgress property is running right during the loading process. In the older version I got a value over 1 during loading. I used playProgress in combination with a seek bar and during loading the seek bar overshoot the mark and gets his right position after download completes. Thanks
  2. I send you a mail with zip. I thought it could be a mp3 probelm, but I used this mp3 with another mp3 player, which is not using your MP3Loader class and there I get the right duration after the meta data has been loaded. I also tried it with two other mp3´s and there the onInit event hasn´t been even dispatched, although I set the listener for it in the vars. Weird!!!
  3. Hi, I notice that the right duration of the MP3Loader is initial available when the mp3 has been completly loaded. Is that right??? When I´m using the PLAY_PROGRESS listener and trace the duration in the handler, I get a wrong duration during the loading process.