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  1. and quick !!! Tnx a bunch, mine was called GSAPtick, and had onTick() Replaced already! If this topic needs closing, its about the right time
  2. Hi guys, first of all a big thank you. This is my first post, I just signed up and I guess its in order to thank you for creating such a stable library. It is an essential part of a project I have been working on last couple of years....and it is the only lib that hasn't been touched, or i might say "retouched" :-). Just to mention, even jquery 3 got a rework, face lifting... So, my only question, after all this years is : Can internal clock be somehow exposed? Does the clock tick if no animations are going, or only when something is active? If a lot is happening, are all tweens, timelines and everything ticking to same clock? Can onUpdate() for all functions (to, from, stagger....) be accessed or extended somehow? All these questions are for more or less same reason...I need to do something inside my app on every GSAP tick (update transformation data of elements, bounding boxes of selected elements and similar). I guess i dont even need to execute some code...just to know has it ticked... I could go and make a to() function run in loop, indefinitely and update a var, or execute code on every onUpdate(), in background... if there is no other way and all tick to same clock. Thanks in advance