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  1. Hi, It's been a while since I've had to use this, but I have a stop(); at the end of this frame, and everything just disappears after a second. Did something change in the coding to make this happen? I'm opening up old files, pulling from them and duplicating. They are working but this file is not. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3145118/gsbug.zip and as usual, i was supposed to show the client this at 5 and could never get it to work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- Dave
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get an animation under 40k, and I think it might be because I have to load TweenMax for my initial variable. I am doing this for import: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; but this doesn't work if I change TweenMax to TweenLite: var hideStuff:Array = [txt01, txt02, logo, line]; TweenMax.allTo(hideStuff, 0, {_alpha:0}); Is there a way to do this with TweenLite, so everything that's compiled is TweenLite? Thanks Dave
  3. Hi, just wondering how people are dealing with creating Rich Media banner ads and using GSAP. I see that it would require submitting .js files but then I'm basically handing over my files that I paid for. What are the steps to publishing files to vendors? Thanks! Dave
  4. timaging

    js question

    Hi Carl, Thank You! These are all great. I've also been corresponding with Chris Gannon, and he has pointed me to code academy.com, where I'm learning js basics now. I'll check out your references too. This is something I am VERY eager to learn. I really think the combination of Adobe Edge Animate and Greensock is insanely powerful. Really looking forward to getting good at it!!
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    js question

    here's another thing I just found... I just downloaded Chris Gannon's UI for Taasky, replaced their minified folder with mine, and it doesn't work, so I can't even deconstruct.
  6. timaging

    js question

    THANKS these are great, but it still looks like I need to know javascript. I've tried learning it several times and for some reason it just doesn't stick. I know greensock, html and css, but can't understand the js code written and read it and understand what it means when I look at it. Just like action script. I could never ever get that one figured out. Every tutorial tried to teach you how to build a calculator, or some random game thing. I just need a tutorial that shows me how it applies to something I'm doing. So, if someone were to take one of these demos and explain what they were writing in javascript, why they placed it where they did and what each piece of code means, I would most likely get it. I may need to ask questions but could get it. I see there's a webinar coming up, but no way in hell can I ask those questions. They all already know javascript. I'd probably need something online. is there anything like that, where people would tell you what they're writing, instead of saying "you need to know javascript"?
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    js question

    ok, so I have no writing experience with javascript, but I want to be able to use this platform for both animations and interactive presentations. What's the best way to approach this part? I know the flash method pretty well so I understand porting that over, and understand CSS well, but the javascript is KILLING me. thanks Dave
  8. hmmm... this is interesting. I do need to check for IE8 as well. BUT how does it fade in? Do I still call opacity for that?
  9. cool... going with the opacity 0 appears to be working for me. THANK YOU!!!
  10. Hi, I'm just starting to dive in to the .js stuff here. My first attempt seems to be giving adverse results check out this page http://www.taylorimaging.com/clientArea/RVCsite/ I've set the from value to be 0, but the image inevitably pops up first and doesn't actually start from an opacity of 0. Is this because I'm calling the CDN files and it takes a second to kick in, or maybe there's a bug with opacity? thanks- Dave
  11. absolutely. I can't attach it because it fails... both zip and fla fail. sending to your email. Dave
  12. I tried it both ways and it still didn't work. Dave
  13. something else I just noticed is that the v12 com folder makes a bigger swf than v11 by 2k. Doesn't sound like much but I still can't get my file under 30k
  14. I just put this in and it's still not working: import com.greensock.plugins.*; TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin, autoAlphaPlugin]);
  15. it also doesn't throw any errors so that makes it even tougher to figure out.
  16. Hi Carl, this actually didn't work. Alpha didn't go to 0: var allClips:Array = [wordLine01, wordLine01, wordLine01, wordLine01, wordLine01, wordLine01, wordLine01, sloanLogo, glowBar]; TweenLite.to(allClips, 0, {autoAlpha:0});
  17. THIS is outstanding news. As Always, Thank You Mr. Schoof!!!!!!!
  18. I was just searching through the forums to find out if my array was broken and ran across this: "TweenLite doesn't have an allTo(), but TweenMax does (as of v11)." but I need it to work in TweenLite because the file size doubles and over the banner ad size limit. so, how do we do this in TweenLite: var allClips:Array = [wordLine01]; TweenLite.allTo(allClips, 0, {autoAlpha:0}); thanks- Dave
  19. Thanks Carl- I'll check this out and see if I can apply it to my project. Dave
  20. Hi Carl, I do understand this method, but my original request was that I have both tweens and timelines already created and there are alot. (What I posted was only a portion of the show.) The client asked me to speed up the entire show so I was looking for a global speed change or wrapper for my entire show. I tried the one supplied and that's where I got the error. so, what I'm hoping to be able to to is just add some globalTimeScale but nothing has worked thus far. I think at this point, I may just need to go through it line by line, but that's not what the client requested. thanks, Dave
  21. I still get the same thing: Scene 1, Layer 'actions', Frame 2, Line 25 1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before semicolon. here's a short sample: var myTimeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); myTimeline.append( TweenMax.to(imgStart, 4, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut});TweenMax.to(blueGrad, 4, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:4}); TweenMax.to(whiteCircle01, 4, {rotation:5, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:4}); TweenMax.to(img01, 1, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:4}); TweenMax.to(discover01, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:6});TweenMax.to(img01, 2, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:7}); TweenMax.to(img0101, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:7}); TweenMax.to(img0101, 8, {y:"-30", ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:5}); TweenMax.to(discover0101, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:7}); TweenMax.to(discover0102, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:7.5}); TweenMax.to(img0101, 2, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:11}); TweenMax.to(img0102, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:11}); TweenMax.to(img0102, 10, {x:"20", ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:9}); TweenMax.to(discover0103, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:11}); TweenMax.to(discover0104, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:11.5});TweenMax.to(img0102, 2, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:15}); TweenMax.to(img0103, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:15}); TweenMax.to(img0103, 10, {x:"-50", ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:13}); TweenMax.to(discover0105, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:15}); TweenMax.to(discover0106, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:15.5}); TweenMax.to(discover0107, 2, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Cubic.easeInOut, delay:19}); var timelineOut01:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({repeat:0, delay:22}); timelineOut01.appendMultiple([new TweenMax(discover01, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-150", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0101, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0102, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0103, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0104, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0105, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0106, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(discover0107, 3, {autoAlpha:0, blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}, y:"-60", ease:Cubic.easeIn}), new TweenMax(img0103, 1, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeIn})], 0, TweenAlign.START, 0.3); ); myTimeline.timeScale(1.5);
  22. ok, I just tried adding "myTimeline.timeScale(1.5);" to my timeline and got this: Scene 1, Layer 'actions', Frame 2, Line 22 1120: Access of undefined property myTimeline.
  23. I also just found this, but I'm told it's an illegal operation when I do the same thing: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/1474-globaltimescale-solved/ is that because I'm using V12? thanks, Dave
  24. it also appears that timeScale is shown in the interface, but nothing updates or changes in the code, so I can't tell from that either? http://www.greensock.com/timelinelite/ the interactive example shows that you can change it but doesn't say where or how. thanks- Dave
  25. ok, so I found something on it in the docs, but it doesn't say how to use it or give a sample that I can find. It just says you can do it: timeScale () method public function timeScale(value:Number):TweenMaxVars Multiplier affecting the speed of the timeline where 1 is normal speed, 0.5 is half-speed, 2 is double speed, etc.Parameters value:Number Is there a section somewhere that shows a sample? thanks, Dave