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  1. @OSUblake Interesting. I'll try it.
  2. @Sahil and @OSUblake Thank-you very much for your help. I could finally manage to record the animation. Had to play the animation (progress) and <video> (currentTime) frame by frame. It was a little tricky for the video element because the number of frames may be different from the animation. However, use the gif.ls lib did not work for me because of the quality of the image and I just could not make html2canvas work.. Always got blank screenshot. So I added a delay of 1 second on each frame and console.log of some string. Then running headless browser (chrome) I could get console messages and take screenshot everytime this string was printed.. Each screenshot takes about 500ms so I still had some extra time to wait for the next frame. After that ffmpeg to make the video from images. It worked great and excellent quality. Totally recommend for who needs to get this same job done.
  3. @OSUblake Didn't think about pausing and setting current time. That might work, I'll try it.
  4. This link from @OSUblake solved half of my problems. Thanks very much for this great example: http://plnkr.co/edit/oZjPbgo9hvqwUYEV7RLi?p=preview New my next mission is to take screenshots as fast as possible because on above example won't work when you have <video> element on the page. I tried to also pause the video on the moment of the shot, but no success.
  5. @Sahil Thanks for you replay. I tried to use html2canvas but its slow, could get a frame every 300ms as well.
  6. I thought about it. Probably will be the only option.. I was trying to do it on server side, but too much trouble.
  7. Hi, I am having some trouble on my project. I made some animations using TimelineLite and it works great. The animation are all images and texts moving around and video playing on background. But recently I was asked to export this animations to mp4. I tried many ways on doing it, but no success. 1. I have followed this topic below. It works fine when the animation contains only static images. with a <video> playing on background I just cant do it. 2. I have tried to use headless browser to record my screen, but its too slow I just couldn't get screenshots or screencast (chrome) with less than 300ms. Does anybody have idea on what I can do? Thanks.