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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah we have purchased the .fla from the site and code is pretty straight forward. If a GreenSock version is going to utilise the CPU as much then there is little point recreating it.
  2. I hoping to accomplish this effect ( http://activeden.net/item/energetic-background-waves/92553 ) in a new ad campaign we are working on and was wondering if a similar effect would be possible with GS? I can't think of a way to achieve it. The reason being is the swf above takes CPU usage to 100%, the GS banners we produce stay at around 10%! Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Recently upgraded to club membership to get TransformAroundPointPlugin. I've implemented this AS2 code: import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.plugins.TransformAroundPointPlugin; TweenPlugin.activate([TransformAroundPointPlugin]); import flash.geom.Point; TweenMax.to(mc_spin, 1, {transformAroundPoint:{point:new Point(10,17), _rotation:10}, _alpha:100 }); mc_spin doesn't rotate it just fades in... I don't get any error messages. No idea what I'm doing wrong