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  1. Great suite of classes! However, found some weird behaviours for streamed videos We're streaming off Amazon S3 and if you request to play a video before it is fully loaded (but only in some instances!) the audio plays out, but the visuals are not rendered to the stage (or at least cannot be seen) I've traced out all the 'visible' and 'alpha' properties (tick) and found that all is good if the video is fully loaded before requesting playVideo() Any advice on checking what's going on? Why would the video not be visible? Project is pretty complex, so no point loading files, but in terms of LoaderMax and VideoLoader usage, it's all basic stuff. Final note - any chance of an integrated 'stateChange' listener? Might marginally affect performance, but it's so useful to know when a video is playing / buffering / stopped as with the FLVPlayback shizzle Over n out. Ben Templeton - www.thoughtden.co.uk - digital curiosity