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  1. Thx for a tip ! It works very well, now I try to understand why animation doesn't work on mobile device,
  2. Hello, it's again me, I noticed that it didn't work on Safari, an idea of why?
  3. Hello @Sahil, Thx a lot for your help, no problem for yesterday, you made my day with your help !
  4. Hi Sahill, Thank you for cleaning my codepen. Even with your corrections the animation does not correspond to what I want, I wish that the background goes from left to right also, it pivots simply. See the gif animated : http://www.noelshack.com/2018-10-1-1520274090-mar-05-2018-19-20-31.gif Thank you for help ! @Sahil thx for update but it's still not expected results like a gif
  5. Hello, I found this site and the animation he uses to show his work I find it beautiful. While inspecting his code I saw that he was using TweenMax but I am unable to find the animation in question and how it is made in the JS. http://renvoye.com http://www.noelshack.com/2018-10-1-1520274090-mar-05-2018-19-20-31.gif I tried to do it myself but without success, someone would be able to help me? Best Regards,