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  1. I was using NPM and updated the file wrong. I reinstalled version 1.20.4 and then added your fix to node_modules/gsap/Draggable.js: element.addEventListener(_touchEventLookup[type] || type, func, capture); Now it's working great! Thank you so much for your help
  2. Thank you everyone for your quick responses! I've added the modified version of Draggable like you suggested. When I click, my element moves, once, then this same error fires, but on a different line in Cordova (see attached image). Seems to be something with the "onPress" method. I tried rolling back to GSAP version 1.19.1 and these errors go away, even without the update to Draggable. That version doesn't have the same rotationOrigin that the latest 1.20 version has, so I can't implement the nice rotate to clicked point feature. Thats really what I'm trying to get working. Any ideas on that? Is it possible to wire up the rotationOrigin a different way on version 1.19.1? Note: I can't make any lasting changes to cordova.js. It always fixes itself.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing odd behavior. Whenever I reference Draggable ANYWHERE in my Ionic 2 app, Cordova crashes and throws this error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" (screenshot included below). When I run the code in the browser doing "ionic serve", draggable works and everything is great. On the emulator or build, the app crashes. If I remove / comment out draggable, the app runs. There isn't any issue with TweenLite, just Draggable. Has anyone else experienced this before?