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  1. Thank you Carl. I will try your suggested changes later today. Sam
  2. Hi Carl - for some reason I am not able to upload he ziped file. It is 11mb, so maybe it is too large. Anyway you mentioned that "there is no need to combine autoAlpha with visible". I did not know of another way to make an image on the stage not visible durning the animation. As I said I have three layers on frame one. If I animate two layers without hiding the third layer, it shows during the animation before I want it. Is there another way to hide and make visible a layer? Thanks again - Sam
  3. Thank you for your willingness to look at my cs5 fla file. Tried to upload the photos to, but the file seems to big, so I am uploading just the fla file. Thank you - Sam
  4. After some time away from tweening, I am back working on a project. I remember how helpful you were on the last project I was working on and need some help on this one. This is a three image animation with each image on it's own layer (all on frame 1). The animation goes back and forth between the images (fading and scaling each). The project is a smile simulation with before cosmetic digital enhancement and after enhancement. I am trying to use the TimelineMax method and and having limited success. I have commented the code where I am having difficulties. import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; var myTimeline:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); //First image loads and than fades. There is a image below in the timeline that is revealed. myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(back_mc, 4, {autoAlpha:0, delay:5}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(back_mc, 1, {autoAlpha:1, delay:5}) ); //Hides the images in the timeline. myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(before_mc, 1, {visible:0}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(after_mc, 1, {visible:0}) ); //Scales both images. Just the before_mc is visiable. myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(before_mc, .01, {scaleX:0.2, scaleY:0.2, x:300, y:200}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(after_mc, .01, {scaleX:0.2, scaleY:0.2, x:300, y:200}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(back_mc, 2, {scaleX:0.2, scaleY:0.2, x:300, y:200}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(back_mc, 1, {autoAlpha:0, delay:3}) ); //There is an issue here where there is a delay of about 2 seconds where the stage is blank and than the before_mc loads. myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(before_mc, 3, {autoAlpha:1, visible:1}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(before_mc, 1, {autoAlpha:0, delay:3}) ); //Same issue as the precvious where the stage is blank for about two seconds. myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(after_mc, 5, {autoAlpha:1, visible:1}) ); myTimeline.append( new TweenMax(after_mc, 3, {scaleX:1, scaleY:1, x:350, y:-100, delay:3}) ); //The animations is not done yet. Want to get the above issues taken care of before proceeding. Thank you in advance for your help on this - Sam P.S. - Once I get this right. I would like to be able to load the images dynamically using PHP. Would this be possible?
  5. I am on a Mac. Had the same problem with some of your other demos. Sam
  6. Well, you kind of shamed me into working a little harder I really appreciate you well thought out and concise reply. Unusual in this day. I am taking another look at your slide show and have run in to a problem playing it (you converted your CS5 version to CS3) When I have "Automatically declare stage instances" turned on I get this error: 1151: A conflict exists with definition progress_mc in namespace internal.
  7. I had a chance to look at your slideshow example and it is quite a piece of work. For me though it is much more complicated than I need and also a bit dense for a beginner like me. I was hoping to find a simple smlloader slideshow and I have not had much luck. Generally, I take an example and examine it by breaking it apart so I can learn how it all works. Your slideshow is much more than my poor brain can comprehend. Maybe you can direct me to a xmlloader slideshow example where the slides are loaded with a set time and fade with pause and resume. If you don't know of one, could you just reply with some code so us beginners can get started. Thanks for such a great service - Sam
  8. Thanks so much. You are awesome. I will take a look at it tomorrow. Sam
  9. I would love to look at your slideshow example, but I can not open it. When I try to open the slideshow.fla file I get this "Failed to Open Document". I am using Flash CS3 on a mac. I can open the swf file, but I would like to see what is under the hood with the fla file. Thanks - Sam
  10. Thanks for your reply during your vacation. Unfortunately, I have tried to watch the TimelineLite movie three times and each time I have gotten half way through and my G4 Mac froze (last one today). Thought you should know. I will try and watch it on my laptop. Sam
  11. Thanks for your quick reply. Having not used TimelineLite or TimelineMax or LorderMax before, could you give me an example of their use with the following snippet of code? animateTitle() function animateTitle() { TweenMax.from(title_mc, 3, {autoAlpha:0, delay:1, repeat:1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:1}); TweenMax.from(bldg_mc, 2, {autoAlpha:0, delay:3, repeat:1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:1}); TweenMax.to(founders_mc, .1, {x:101, y:80, autoAlpha:1, scale:.333, delay:6}); TweenMax.to(founders_mc, 6, {x:-1050, y:-500, autoAlpha:1, scale:2, delay:10, onComplete:animateAndy}); } function animateAndy () { TweenMax.from(andy_t_mc, 3, {scale:0, autoAlpha:0, delay:.2, repeat:1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:1, onComplete:animateMoveKelly}); } The slideshow goes on an on with the same structure of code. How would I add pause, play and rewind with TimelineMax? And how would I use LoaderMax to preload the slides? Again, thanks for your help, You really are supportive of your users - Sam
  12. I have a slide show that uses both TweenLite and TweenMax. All the images in the show are on Frame 1 and there are 48 layers of images. There are 840 lines of ActionScript 3 that controls the show. The final version will be a SWF file. The question: Is there a way to pause, resume, rewind (10 seconds) the slideshow? Thanks in advance for your help - Sam
  13. Not sure whether the file attached or not. Attached "The Final copy.fla" with the script edited so just the problem is in the actionscript. Thanks again - Sam
  14. Forgot to say that the FLV is embedded. Sam