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  1. Hi Oliver! Thanks so much for your quick reply. I am working on trying the code you posted above. When I get it working I will post here via codepen page. Also, I came across this example, which includes something else I need in my banner. Basically I need the banner to repeat 3 times, and when it finishes the 3 loops, I need it to end displaying the 4th of 5 frames. I hope that makes sense. This example kind of does that: But I wasn't able to change the number of loops. This one does what I need but only loops 2x. If it's not a bother could you help me to understand what the trick is to get this to loop 3 times and end on the second to last frame? Again thank you so much for any help. I am really loving animating this way, but am still at well within the learning curve process. Grace
  2. Hello, I am new to using GSAP, so apologize for these basic questions. I am creating a banner and need to loop it x# of times. Can I do this with TweenLite, or do I need to use TweenMax? Could you recommend an example which loops for me to see the script in action? And... based on this sample of the (unfinished) script, could I use TweenLite? I don't think I have anything very robust here, so would prefer to use Lite to save on file size. TweenMax.from('#hed1', .5, {delay:.2, alpha:0, y:'-=20'}) TweenMax.from('#orange_boat',2, {delay:3.75, top:'+=150', left:'-=350', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.from('#whiteboat_one',2, {delay:0, top:'+=0', left:'-=0', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.from('#whiteboat_two',2, {delay:0, top:'+=0', left:'+=0', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.to('#hed1', .3, {delay:4, alpha:0, y:'-=75'}) TweenMax.to('#orange_boat',2, {delay:6, top:'+=128', left:'+=38', width:'140px', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.to('#whiteboat_one',2, {delay:6, top:'+=0', left:'-=0', width:'99px', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.to('#whiteboat_two',2, {delay:6, top:'+=30', left:'+=30', width:'80px', ease:'Quad.easeOut'}) TweenMax.from('#hed2', 1.5, {delay:7, alpha:0, top:'+=0', ease:'Back.easeOut'}) TweenMax.from('#cta', 1, {delay:4,alpha:0}) TweenMax.from('#cta>em', .5 , {delay:4.5, alpha:0}); TweenMax.to('#cta',.5, {delay:5,'backgroundColor':'rgba(200,255,255,1)', repeat:3, yoyo:true}); Thanks for any help on this! gg