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  1. Thanks for the replies OSUblake, I appreciate them. Thanks for the comment "Are you sure waiting for the page to completely load is a good idea?", not sure why I didn't think about this thoroughly. It does sound like a bad idea actually since there is likely the will be staring at a blank page as you pointed out. I'll probably take another approach with this—like having just the panels fade-in or something—, or drop it entirely.
  2. Hello everyone! I just started using the GSAP library a few days ago and I am having an absolute blast! However, I have been struggling to achieve this fade-in effect for a page I am building (check it out here). The idea (just like in the codepen that I linked and the actual page) is to have the page fade-in from above when the DOM is loaded. Initially, I just added a fromTo Tween, then I added the window.onload function and inserted the code in there. Both "solutions" failed, as the content appears and then the animation procs. I wanted the animation to proc as soon as the DOM is ready. I am assuming the solution is simple, though, I only have a basic understanding of JavaScript and the GSAP library so I cannot seem to solve this. Any input?