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  1. HI, When I try to use TweenMax.to(mc, 1, {dropShadowFilter:{color:0xff0000, alpha:1, blurX:12, blurY:12, distance:12}}); it throws me an error Type 1020: Method marked override must override another method. TweenMax.as?
  2. There is no more ProgressCircleLite class in the new greensock-as3.zip package? com\greensock\loading\display\ProgressCircleLite
  3. Hi to all. I am not sure where to put this topic, but I find greensock is awesome i decided to place it here. I tried to find facebook feed widget for flash. Something like http://activeden.net/item/face​book-stream-plugin/159969 or any AS3 code that can stream from fb. I found several flash application but they don't stream full wall post from facebook. I guess it is problem with fb formatting? My question is: "is it possible to get full wall post from fb in flash?, and can some one refer me to a link or some example?" Thanks a lot
  4. Does anybody knows how to solve problem above, or for now it just impossible in flash player 10? Thank you
  5. http://www.make-some-noise.info/ From the link above it is not possible in flash player to play multiple sounds simultaneously in this moment??
  6. Hm, thanks for explanation. Could you please write a code for delaying? Or should I try to make mp3 files lower quality? Thanks
  7. http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/mainMp3.html Listen I have uploaded press red adn compare with http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/task.wav Thanks
  8. xml filw http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/xml/musicLoader.xml This is how it needs to be http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/task.wav and here are the files http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/acoustic_1.mp3 http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/bass_1.mp3 http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/drums.mp3 http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/guitar_1.mp3 http://www.theinitiatives.org/test/music/vokal_1.mp3
  9. Hi, I loaded all the sounds now before i play them, but still has delay depending on sound order package { import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.easing.*; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; import com.greensock.loading.*; import com.greensock.loading.display.*; import com.greensock.plugins.*; import flash.display.*; import flash.events.*; import flash.text.*; public class Mp3 extends MovieClip { public var load_btn:MovieClip; private var _xmlLoader:XMLLoader; private var _musicLoader:LoaderMax; private var _xmlProgress:ProgressCircleMax; private var _musicProgress:ProgressCircleLite; public function Mp3():void { _init(); } private function _init():void { LoaderMax.activate([MP3Loader]); TweenPlugin.activate([ColorTransformPlugin]); _xmlLoader = new XMLLoader("xml/musicLoader.xml",{name:"music",estimatedBytes:276700,onComplete:_xmlCompleteHandler,onError:_errorHandler}); _xmlProgress = new ProgressCircleMax({bgColor:0x0000FF,trackColor:0xFF0000,trackAlpha:0.2}); this.addChild(_xmlProgress); _xmlProgress.addLoader(_xmlLoader); _xmlLoader.load(); _musicProgress = new ProgressCircleLite({radius:26,thickness:4,trackColor:0xFFFFFF,trackAlpha:0.25,trackThickness:4,autoTransition:false}); this.addChild(_musicProgress); _musicProgress.mouseEnabled = false; _musicProgress.x = 69; _musicProgress.y = 389; this.load_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, _loadHandler); } //---- EVENT HANDLERS ---------------------------------------------------------------- private function _xmlCompleteHandler(event:Event):void { //retreive the "imagesLoader" LoaderMax instance that was dynamically created by parsing the XML file. _musicLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("musicLoader") as LoaderMax; _musicProgress.addLoader(_musicLoader); _musicLoader.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.PROGRESS, _progressHandler); _musicLoader.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, _completeHandler); } private function _completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { LoaderMax.getLoader("vokal_1").playSound(); LoaderMax.getLoader("drums").playSound(); LoaderMax.getLoader("bass_1").playSound(); LoaderMax.getLoader("acoustic_1").playSound(); LoaderMax.getLoader("guitar_1").playSound(); } private function _progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace(int(event.target.progress * 100)); } private function _errorHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { trace("error occured with " + event.target + ": " + event.text); } private function _loadHandler(event:Event):void { _musicLoader.load(); } } } And xml is Could you help me how to play all the sounds simultaneously. Thanks a lot
  10. Nope , i was wrong, sounds still does not start simultaneously
  11. I did something like this for start and now it works fine, all the sounds start simultaneously when I listen them. var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue",onComplete:completeHandler}); var sound1:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/guitar_1.mp3",{name:"guitar_1", autoPlay:false}); var sound2:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/drums.mp3",{name:"drums",autoPlay:false}); var sound3:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/vokal_1.mp3",{name:"drums",autoPlay:false}); var sound4:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/bass_1.mp3",{name:"drums",autoPlay:false}); sound1.load(); sound2.load(); sound3.load(); sound4.load(); queue.load(); function toggleSound(event:MouseEvent):void { sound4.playSound(); sound3.playSound(); sound2.playSound(); sound1.playSound(); } function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void { button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, toggleSound); }
  12. Oh sorry instead autoPlay:false it's autoPlay:true, Anyway could you give me some hint or code how to play mp3 files simultaneously. Thanks a lot Similar as myTimeline.insertMultiple([new TweenLite(mc, 1, {y:"100"}), new TweenLite(mc2, 1, {x:20}), new TweenLite(mc3, 1, {alpha:0.5})], 0, TweenAlign.START); but for sounds
  13. Hi, Is ti possible to play mp3 files simultaneously. For example I have drums.mp3 , guitar.mp3, bass.mp3 and I want to play them in the same time, simultaneously. var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue",onProgress:progressHandler,onComplete:completeHandler,onError:errorHandler}); var sound1:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/guitar_1.mp3",{name:"guitar_1", autoPlay:false}); var sound2:MP3Loader = new MP3Loader("mp3/drums.mp3",{name:"drums",autoPlay:false}); queue.append(sound1); queue.append(sound2); queue.load(); But it doesn't start simultaneously, sound2 late. Something like "TweenAlign.START" Thanks