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  1. Hi Jack, you (and your co-workers / contributors?) are again delivering with just stunning quality. Much respect! A few comments above someone argued that GSAP should come with its own selector engine. And I really advise you against doing so. Even though I consider y'all to be more than just up for the job I think that you'll be tilting at windmills. There were and still are a lot of selector engines that are superior to jQuery when it comes down to performance, but time proved, that jQuery just delivers what people seem to be looking for. However, if you still feel like taking a step towards the framework direction, please make it something that non-programmers can relate to within the blink of an eye. Just matching every existing OOP principle won't convince the casual jQuery user that doesn't care about programmer's ethics at all. Regards, Lukas
  2. Hi there, FYI: I'm working with Flash Builder 4, SDK 4.1, AS3, Player 10.1. My problem is the following: I'm trying to add some appearing glow magic to a MovieClip, which is provided by a class exported as swc. No matter what tween method (lite or max) I use, the GlowFilterPlugin only works if I kind of initialize the GlowFilter, like that: label.frame.filters = [new GlowFilter()]; label and frame objects are both of type MovieClip. This is supposed to work without this hack, isn't it? Did I miss something? I'd be glad if somebody could help me out! Thanks! Lukas Update: I forgot to mention that this occurs only with GlowFilterPlugin, Blur, ColorMatrix and all the rest just works fine.