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  1. Amazing! Thank you, this taught me a lot. I'll definitely check out the book as well.
  2. I believe you're correct actually, tick based physics in a canvas would work better. I'm going for the "just kinda lag behind the mouse slightly" with rotation so it looks like it's following it. No need to reverse it. http://lamberta.github.io/html5-animation/examples/ch05/04-follow-mouse-1.html That example comes close, although it goes crazy when it reaches the mouse. Thank you for your time. If you've any recommendations, i'll gladly accept them, i'm quite new to both canvas and animation.
  3. Hello, I'm new to SVG animations and i'm very impressed with GSAP, it's fantastic. Currently, i'm trying to get an SVG to follow the mouse pointer with the Bezier Plugin, in order to make it autorotate and add some reality to it's movement (it's going to be a humanoid shape flying and following the pointer). So far, i've managed to keep track of the mouse pointer every second, but have been unable to update the established Bezier path. Should i create a new path every iteration or is there a way to add more points on update to the Bezier path? Thank you.