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  1. Hello I am trying to animate numbers which I will get from an API while rendering it into viewport. I have tried to do so but in my case all the instance of numbers are getting updated but I want each number should be updated upto the value I have got from API. How can I achieve this? Here is what I have tried. https://codepen.io/patrickjane/pen/agNePM Thank You!
  2. Thanks for the response Yes If you have checked the supplied link of Hotel spider I am able to achieve opacity but not able to traverse through svg path I tried but it just disappeared. I am trying to replicate the hotel spider key animation with almost similar effect
  3. Hello Folks, I am learning GSAP and trying to dive deep into GSAP just for the tweaking I am trying to create a key animation from taking inspiration from the given URL :https://www.hotel-spider.com/en Just like that I need to replicate with GSAP. I am trying to do so but not sure where I am going wrong. Here is my try https://codepen.io/patrickjane/pen/rExrdG
  4. Hello, I want to have a scroll transition like codrop's slice revealer demo like this: https://tympanus.net/Development/SliceRevealer/index3.html I looked into demo's there but found all demos using either SVG or canvas for such animation but actually I want it without using SVG or canvas and using just only image. Is there any way to achieve such animation on scroll in gsap?