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  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond, i shall still continue my search mitigate the tearing.
  2. Hello there, I've been using the tweenmax platform for a fair while now but i've never been able to quite get rid of this persistent juddering. I have no doubts that the problem is in fact with my code, not the tweener, but various little tricks i have had no luck with. To see what i mean, i uploaded here (give it a second to load, its about 4 meg big): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26301/sequence/tets.html The little movie i've made is representative of a larger product that i am developing as part of a research project. Since it is to do with user perception to an array of images, any jittering is obviously bad news! I would very much appreciate any tips but i am more than convinced it is to do with my code and not to do with the stage FPS, monitor refresh rate or CPU speed. The way i have implemented this is by reading in an XML file which points to 100 image locations. These get loaded in and then added to a timeline. To stop them all playing at once they are incremented with a delay. It's so elementary in fact, i cannot see where i am going wrong. function displayImg(img:Loader, delay:Number, tl:TimelineLite):void { var testMc:MovieClip=new MovieClip(); testMc.addChild(img); testMc.x = -300; testMc.y = 1024; var Clip:Object = testMc; myVars.x = 1280; myVars.y = -200; myVars.onStart = showUp; myVars.onComplete = hideAway; myVars.delay = delay; myVars.ease = Linear.easeNone; function showUp():void {this.visible = true;} function hideAway():void {this.visible = false;} addChild(testMc); tl.insert(new TweenMax(Clip, imageSpeed, myVars)); } } Any pointers as to what this is or might be would be very much appreciated! Below is a link to the fla file if you would like to see my terrible code in it's full and unabridged form: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26301/sequence/tets.fla Thanks in advance,