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  1. You are outstanding. This is 100% the direction I'm trying to go. Thank you for your suggestion - I'm off to tear this apart to see how you've done this! Thank you!!
  2. I have been working to animate a path which is working great thanks to the community suggestions! I am stuck on what I think is just the beginning and end fromTo params. I am trying to make the stroke start off of the screen, grow in length, and then "shrink" as it goes back off the screen again. ...then as you can see I'd like to repeat that animation. I think I'm close, but just not quite finding the correct numbers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Oh my gosh - this is exactly the shove I was looking for. I can't thank you enough!
  4. Hello! This is my (obviously) my first post to the forums. I haven't worked with greensock since the flash days (yeah it's been a while). I have attached my codepen - it doesn't do anything, but I was hoping to illustrate what I'm trying to do with it. The lighter stroke I want to slowly animate from left to right. Back in the flash days, I would simply create a little mask to only reveal a small section of the stroke and then animate the mask to make it look like the line was moving across a path. I think what I am looking for is something along the lines of this post: I'm not looking for someone to do this, I'm just not sure where to even start. Thank you for any suggestions!